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  • italy 2 Reggimento di Aviazione

    Aviazione dell'Esercito

    Sirio : 2nd Aviation Regiment
    Italian Army Aviation

    1996 to present    


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    20° Gruppo Squadroni "Andromeda"
    21° Gruppo Squadroni "Orsa Maggiore"
    30° Gruppo Squadroni "Pegaso"

    News of 2 Reggimento di Aviazione

    First of Two AW169 Trainers for Italian Army, 11-Jul-20 : #delivery Italian Army received the first of two UH-169B (Leonardo AW169) trainer helicopters to be used by the 2nd Aviation Regiment at Lamezia Terme. A modified variant with skids will follow to meet the LUH requirement


    1996/    Lamezia TermeLICA
    Elmas - Mario MameliLIEE


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    2020/    AW169M
    2017/    AB412
    1983/    AB212

    Sirio List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    4121 ab205a-1 MM80524 : Esercito E.I.272. EM-2 Type. first AB205 with modified IR countermeasures
    5637 ab212 MM81117 EI-401 : Tactical flying area south of Lamezia
    5642 ab212 MM81122 E.I.406 : Malta Int’l Airshow arrive
    E.I.406 : Malta Int’l Airshow departure
    E.I.406 : Landing
    5646 ab212 MM81126 E.I.410 : On Flightline
    E.I.410 : Active (without blades)
    UN-275 : In "Multitask" function in hangar
    5647 ab212 MM81127 UN-282 : Wearing new livery and marks before foreign deployment
    UN-282 : from 2° Reggimento "Sirio" sixth and last AB212 prepared in port and+
    : 41o Task Group ITALAIR (UNIFIL)
    : in "Multitask" function on flightline
    : Carrying 4° reggimento “Genova Cavalleria” Standard
    : one of the three in CASEVAC (CASualty EVACuation configuration)
    : carrying COI chief Ammiraglio di Squadra Giuseppe Cavo Dragone
    : Active (in hangar)
    25533 ab412 MM81195 E.I.452 : "Grifone 2015" Rescue Exercise
    25578 ab412 MM81354 E.I.463 : Fifth Ab 412 in the Unit that became the one with the largest fleet
    25582 ab412 MM81358 E. I. 467 : For Visit of Comandante delle Forze Operative Terrestri, Generale di Corpo+
    UN-467 : From 2007 to 2009
    25585 ab412 MM81361 E. I. 470 :
    25586 ab412 MM81362 E.I.471 : Exercise with Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (C.N.S.A.S.)
    5205 ab212 MM81499 E.I.416 : Operation "Fenicia 2014" for 43° task group "Italair" Validation
    5206 ab212 MM81500 E.I.417 : "Grifone 2015" Rescue Exercise
    69115 AW169M MM81977 E.I.108 : UH-169B trainer, pictured
    AgustaWestland Italy CSX81977 : Leonardo pre delivery flights
    69120 AW169M MM81993 E.I.109 : Ferry flight to Lamezia Terme
    AgustaWestland Italy CSX81993 : Pre delivery test flight


    15-oct-1824-oct-18 CAEX II 2018
    jan-08LB UNIFIL / NorAir / ItalAir