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    jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya

    Royal Jordanian Air Force

    Del'd: 17 - 1980 to 1993

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    760204 s-76a     719: RJAF; to Guatemala Air Force as 001
    Guatemalan Air Force 001: FAG; ex Jordan 719; to N26GH

    Hp Aviation N26GH: Hp Aviation 2002; ex FAG-001
    760012 s-76a     720: RJAF ABLE-1, RO-1
    - VH-CFH: Dick Smith Adventure PL, Australia, ex VH-SHW

    New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ZK-ISJ: NEST 1997?
    760015 s-76a     723: RJAF ABLE-4, reser RO-4, to N4241S
    - C-GHJG: Hawaii Helicopters 1999

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GIHO: ex C-GHJG

    CHC from Sep08

    Thai Aviation Service HS-HTO: TAS Jun01-Sep04
    760089 s-76a 1980     725: RJAF, test serial N1547U
    - VH-LAH: Australia from May93; conv to S-76A+

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LAH: CHC Helicopters Australia from Aug05

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-LAH: asg RAAF Rescue, op by Lloyd/CHC

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LAH: Lloyd Helicopters Australia from Oct14, op by CHC

    Kestrel Aviation VH-LAH: Kestrel Aviation Aug19-Aug20

    - HL9667: Air Palace, South Korea from Aug20
    760103 s-76a 1980     727: RJAF ABLE-7, to VH-LAI
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LAI: Lloyd Australia, first reg May93

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-LAI: RAAF rescue, op by Lloyd

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LAI: CHC Australia from Aug05; Feb19 still

    Kestrel Aviation VH-LAI: Kestel Aviation from Aug19
    760104 s-76a     728: RJAF ABLE-8; to civ N9046H
    760105 s-76a 1980     729: RJAF ABLE-9; to civ VH-LHY
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHY: Lloyd Australia from Dec92

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-LHY: RAAF Rescue, op by Lloyd; 02nov02 pictured at Chidlow, +

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHY: CHC Australia from Aug05

    Kestrel Aviation VH-LHY: Kestrel Aviation from Aug19
    760106 s-76a 1980     730: RJAF ABLE-10, to VH-XHA
    Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd VH-XHA: Australia

    - B-7305: lsd, rtn to VH-XHA

    New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ZK-IKM: NEST from Apr11; The Northland Emergency Services Trust+
    760107 s-76a 1980     731: RJAF ABLE-11, to G-BVKO
    Bristow G-BVKO: Bristow Mar/Aug 1994

    Bristow Australia VH-BHM: Bristow Australia, wfu
    760113 s-76a 1980     732: RJAF, VH-LHZ
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHZ: Lloyd Australia, first reg Jan93

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-LHZ: RAAF Rescue, op by Lloyd

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHZ: CHC Australia from Aug05

    Kestrel Aviation VH-LHZ: Kestrel Aviation from Aug19
    760114 s-76a     733: RJAF ABLE-1; to civ G-BVKP
    760115 s-76a 1980     734: RJAF 1980-1993
    Bristow G-BVKR: Bristow Mar94-Jul07

    Bristow Australia VH-TZN: Bristow Australia 2007-2014

    State of Louisiana N1471: Arrow Aviation at Broussard, LA from May14
    760118 s-76a 1981     735: RJAF ABLE-2, to G-BVKS
    Bristow G-BVKS: Bristow Mar94-May95

    Bristow Australia VH-BHI: Bristow Australia, to N4580W

    - N4580W: expired, scr
    760119 s-76a     736: RJAF, to Guatemala
    Guatemalan Air Force 003: FAG, to N16GH

    - N16GH: International Sales and Leasing Corp at Georgetown, TX +

    Omni Taxi Aereo PP-MED: Omni Taxi Aereo, pictured
    760205 s-76a     737: RJAF; to Guatemala Air Force as 002
    Guatemalan Air Force 002: FAG; ex Jordan 737; to N63GH

    - D-HSLA: SILAG; ex FAG-002
    760321 s-76b     738: RJAF
    760323 s-76b     739: RJAF