2001 to 2024

McDonnell Douglas MD900/902 Explorer
belgium NHV

Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen

NHV MD900/902 Explorer

NHV operated the MD Explorer for 20 years between 2001 and 2021 under contract with the French SAMU . They were 5 MD902 in the fleet serving 4 hospitals in the North of France. The last 2 airframes were in long term storage since their last HEMS flight in October 2021.

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NHV Retires Last MD902 Explorer from its Fleet

NHV Retires Last MD902 Explorer from its Fleet

24-Mar-24 - NHV has sold its last MD902 Explorer to a Hungarian operator. These helicopters were used as air ambulances for French SAMU between 2001 and 2021. #MD902

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
900/00020 OO-EMS ex SE-JCG
- SE-JCG: MD900
- G-ESCI: ex OO-EMS. Reg to Police Aviation Services, Staverton.
- OO-EMS: ex G-ESCI; re-reg as OO-EMS
noted at Scharnstein with Heli Austria, in overall oran...
noted at Karres.
900/00129 md902 OO-NHA NHV from Dec08
MD Helicopters N4008R: MD helicopters, to OO-NHA
Emergency Medical Assistance Service OO-NHA: SAMU, op by NHV; from Jan09 as SAMU 62 (arras)
- ?: Bulgaria unk
900/00015 scrapped 2023 1995 OO-NHF Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV)
US Coast Guard 9015: USCG Hitron MH-90 Enforcer 1998-2000, pictured; back to...
- N9015P: MD Helicopters 2000-2001, ex USCG MH-90 Enforcer
Emergency Medical Assistance Service OO-NHF: SAMU, op by NHV ; pictured (pic2) at Le Touquet-Paris-...
900/00137 md902 2009 OO-NHI NHV from Nov09. from 2009 flying in France for HOSPITAUX DE LAISNE
MD Helicopters N40789: MD helicopters toward OO-NHI
Emergency Medical Assistance Service OO-NHI: 03mar13 pictured at Ostend
Belgian National Police G-17: Politie/Police from 29dec17
900/00119 md902 2007 OO-NHL NHV, test serial N9012S
Emergency Medical Assistance Service OO-NHL: SAMU France, op by NHV; Equipe Medicale C.H.R.U. Lille,...
noted in white colours, marked as SAMU, at Lille Lesqui...
May19-Jul22 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2008 - 4,613...
Hungarian Police ?: sold to Hungarian operator. to be confirmed

    No longer with this org.

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