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    Ultimate Heli 412

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    The Search for Shackleton’s “Endurance”, 27-Jan-22 : South African Ultimate HELI deploying a Bell 412 and a Kaman K-MAX helicopters aboard the icebreaker ship SA Agulhas II around the Weddell Sea in Antarctica

    Ultimate Heli Helicopters in Antarctica, 10-Dec-20 : #Antarctica South Africa Ultimate Heli started its seventh consecutive Antarctica logistics campaign to resupply scientific bases. Two Bell 412 and two AS350 are operating from 2 icebreakers

    Ultimate Heli Deploys Bell 412 and AS350 to Antarctica, 20-Jan-19 : #Antarctica South Africa’ Ultimate HELI deployed two Bell 412EP and one AS350B2 to Antarctica on two differente icebreakers for the 2019 summer campaign

    Ultimate Heli Bell 412 Deployed to Southern Sudan, 18-Oct-18 : #SouthernSudan South Africa’ Ultimate HELI deployed 2 Bell 412EP to Southern Sudan to provide on going humanitarian support for United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

    Ultimate Heli Bell 412 in 2018 Antarctic Campaign, 08-Jan-18 : Ultimate Heli 2 Bell 412EP deployed to the white continent on early December aboard the SA Agulhas II scientific ship in support of South African Antarctic program. Will be back by end of February

    Ultimate Heli Bell 412 Completes Scientific Support, 05-Oct-17 : South Africa’ Ultimate Heli 2 Bell 412EP aboard the SA Agulhas II scientific research vessel visited Gough, Tristan Da Cunha, Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands in the South Atlantic

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