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    flying bulls

    Whilst the personnel had been discussing the company for some time, The Flying Bulls was formally created in 1999 almost co-inciding with its relocation from Innsbruck to Salzburg.


    Bo105 clock up a total of 8 million flight hours, 21-May-14 : BERLIN – BO105 have been a fixture of helicopter fleets around the globe for over 40 years. They reliably carry out their missions and prove their worth day after day under tough conditions. Collectively, they have now completed a total of 8 million flight hours.

    List of Aircraft

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    Bo105C 0126 1974D-HSDM : Bo105cb-4 type; from 2006 with the Flying Bulls; Flying Bulls Lo ...
    Bo105C 0140 1974D-HTDM : Red Bull from 2006; conv. to Bo105CB-4; 20sep09 performed a demo ...
    : 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show, Hungary
    : pictured (pic1) at Leopoldsburg-Beverlo airfield, Belgium
    : 27+28aug11 Radom air show, Poland
    : pictured (pic2) at Weston-super-Mare, after escorting last flyin ...
    : took part in 2018 Weston Air Festival
    : 01+02sep18 Flying Bulls at Slovak International Air Fest 2018
    : now part of an permanent exhibition at the helicopter museum in 3 ...
    Bo105CBS-4 0883 1992D-HUDM : The Flying Bulls at Salzburg/Maxglan,- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart In ...
    : Attended Airpower19 Steiermark.
    : Noted at Oberschleissheim
    Sycamore Mk.52 13483 1958HB-RXA : to HB-RXA, in overall fire service red paint scheme Feuerwehr and ...
    : left Altenrhein for Salzburg by road on 14 Oct 2010
    AH-1F Cobra N11FX : Bell/FX Helicopters TAH-1F Cobra c/n 003 rebuilt 2002; conv from ...
    : Red Bull; 16- Berlin air show
    : Red Bull; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
    : w/o main rotor stuck a building at Reutte-Höfen Airfield
    AH-1G Cobra 20483 N11FX : The Flying Bulls at Salzburg/Austria from Jun21
    Bo105CBS-4 0704 1985N154EH : Red Bull North America Inc at Santa Monica, CA from Nov05; Flying ...
    : pictured demonstrating at EAA AirVenture 2019 in Oshkosh, WI.
    EC135T2 0470 OE-XFB : Red Bull; 16- Berlin air show
    : displayed at European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition ...
    : pictured at Zeltweg
    : Spielberg race track, Styria, Austria
    Sycamore Mk.52 13475 1957OE-XSY : Acquired from Switzerland and completely overhauled to flying con ...
    : pictured arriving to the Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare ...
    : took part in 2018 Weston Air Festival
    : visited Leonardo Helicopters at Yeovil
    AS350B3 Ecureuil 4745 2009OE-XTV : The Flying Bulls by 2016

    10 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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