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Established in the late 1970s in the Canton of Fribourg, Heli-TV SA was later purchased by John Frapolli in 1984. Since then Heli-TV SA has expanded greatly in Ticino and North of the Alps, firstly at Lugano Airport and then at the military airport in Lodrino since 1994.

List of Aircraft

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SE3130 Alouette II 1930 : Heli TV SA, scr
AS332C Super Puma 2002 1980D-HLOG : HeliTV 1998-2000;
SE3130 Alouette II 1903 1964HB-XJJ : Heli-TV Jun97-Mar03
: Heli-TV from Jul05
SA319B Alouette III 2273 1975HB-XJK : Heli TV from Apr96; 17feb99 struck tree at Ronco sopra la Chiesa ...
206B-2 Jet Ranger 866 1973HB-XMT : HeliTV 1981-1988; ex D-HKLI; 26jul85 damaged on autorotation nea ...
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1217 1964HB-XQN : Heli-TV from 2000 ex A-217
SA315B Lama 2400 1974HB-XRD : from 1988 - Jul02 ex OE-EXV toward new owner Heli TV
: Heli TV from Jul02-Jul03 toward new owner Air Glaciers
: Heli TV from Sep03
AS350B1 Ecureuil 1950 1986HB-XSO : Heli-TV from Feb88; 19aug90 dmg, conv to AS.350B2
: Heli-TV SA; w/o 29jun13 crashed near Lodrino, Swiss. 4 fataliti ...
SA330J Puma 1608 1980HB-XVI : Heli-TV d/d 20jan1990; 18jul90 crash at Cavigliano due rear rotor ...
AS350B2 Ecureuil 2399 1990HB-XVM : Heli-TV Jul93-Sep94
AS350B2 Ecureuil 2475 1991HB-XYC : Heli-TV Apr91-Dec92; w/o 29jul92 at Pontid, to USA
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4265 2007HB-ZJO : Heli-TV from Aug07; w/o 18sep12 at Valle di Lodano. 1 fatality; c ...
AS332C1 Super Puma 9010 2008HB-ZKN : Heli-TV SA from Aug14, for SAF International
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4582 2008HB-ZLV : Heli-TV Dec13-Jan14
: Heli-TV from Mar14
H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil 8410 2017HB-ZOI : Heli-TV SA from Jul 17; 06dec17 crashed at Valle del Carcale ne ...
AS350B3e Ecureuil 7409 2012HB-ZTV : Heli-TV reg 30may12

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