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Sanford AirMed State of South Dakota

Sanford AirMed based at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As of 2017 operates 3 EC145, 1 Bell 230 and 4 B200 King Air fixed wing aircraft

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News of Sanford AirMed

Sanford Health Launches Air Ambulance Fleet, 01-Jul-12 : Sanford Health Air Ambulance, based in both North and South Dakota, completed upgrades to its fleet with three new EC145 helicopters




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Bell 230
Eurocopter EC145

List of aircraft

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
23002 230 1992 N903SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance; ex N30SV
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FOXW : Bell 230 cn 23002, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters (Canada) as C-FOXW, unk
- N4425R : xfer US as N4425R, unk
- JA6705 : xfer Japan as JA6705, unk
- N4425R : rtnd US as N4425R, unk
- N30SV : Sioux Valley Hospitals and Health System; ex JA6705
9479 ec145 2011 N906SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance, Nov11
9482 ec145 2011 N908SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance, Dec11
9359 ec145 N909SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance, Aug11

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