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    330 squadron
    Royal Norwegian Air Force

    1941 to present    


    330 skvadron
    Created in Apr 1941 as 330 (Norwegian) Squadron of the Royal Air Force, it was handed over when the RNoAF was reformed after World War II and retained its original RAF unit number. It was reformed with Sea Kings in 1973 and maintains 4 Flights of Sea King Mk43 in the SAR role and a number of single aircraft detatchments. Between 1995 and 1998 a machine was stationed at Vigra (ENAL), near Ålesund. By Dec 2003, A Flt was based at Bodø (ENBO), B Flt at Banak (ENNA), C Flt at Ørland (ENOL, since Aug 1973) and D Flt at Stavangar-Sola (ENZV).

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    News of 330 skvadron

    SAR Queen Activated at Ørland Base, 17-May-21 : #Norway The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF, Luftforsvaret) new search and rescue (SAR) helicopter, the Leonardo AW101-612, which entered service last year at Sola Airport is now also operating from Ørland. Last base, Bannak, planned for end of the year

    SAR Queen Operational in Norway, 16-Nov-20 : #AW101 Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) first 6 of 16 AW101 search and rescue (SAR) helicopters are operational at Stavanger since September. Known as SAR Queen flight, they logged 80 flight hours in their first month of service. Orland and Banak bases scheduled for 2021


    2009/    FloroENFL
    1999/    RyggeENRY
    1995/98Ny AlesundENAS
    1973/    ØrlandENOL
    1973/    Stavanger - Sola Airport ENZV
    1973/    BanakENNA
    1973/    BodøENBO


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    2020/    AW101 612
    1972/    Sea King


    23-mar-1925-mar-19 Viking Sky Airlift Evacuation
    04-oct-9406-oct-94NL SAR meet 1994

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