australia 808 Squadron

Fleet Air Arm (RAN)

808 Naval Air Squadron

1940 to present    


  • 808 Squadron Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
  • mrh90 rescue hoistRescue Hoist

Formed as a Royal Navy unit in July 1940 and eventually disbanded on return from the Far East in Dec 1945.

Reformed as a Royal Australian Navy unit on 25 Apr 1950, disbanding again at Nowra on 1 Dec 1958.
On July 11, 2013 was officially reactivated with the MRH90 Taipan at HMAS Albatross (Nowra)

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News of 808 Squadron

Australian Army Training with Navy MRH90, 05-Jun-15 : Royal Australian Navy s MRH90 helicopter from 808 Squadron has recently supported their Army colleagues from 8 Brigade during training serials at Singleton Barracks.

Australia 808 Squadron reactivated with MRH-90, 11-Jul-13 : The Navy’s newest Squadron - 808 - was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm on 11 July, in a traditional ceremony at HMAS Albatross.


2011/    NowraYSNW


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2011/    MRH90 Taipan

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1079 mrh90 A40-002: 1079/TAUA02; RAN 2009
A40-002: pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
1108 mrh90 A40-006: 1114/TAUA06; 27aug11 pictured (pic1) at the Australian Defence Force Acade+
A40-006: Oct16 pictured (pic2) in personnel transfers to submarine
A40-006: on display at Avalon 2017
1159 mrh90 A40-008: 1159/TAUA08; RAN 2009-2011
Australian Army A40-008: Army from Feb11 5 Avn Regt
1160 mrh90 2011 A40-009: 1190/TAUA09, for 808 Sqn
1187 mrh90 A40-011: 1196/TAUA11; Feb11 RAN 808Sqn
Australian Army A40-011: pictured asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji for relief operations after Cyclone Winston
1189 mrh90 A40-013: 1189/TAUA13; Feb13 RAN 808Sqn
Australian Army A40-013: on display at Avalon 2017
1200 mrh90 A40-017: 1200/TAUA17; 2013 808sq
A40-017: In flying display at Avalon Airshow, 3 Apr 2017
1202 mrh90 A40-019: 1202/TAUA19; 2014 808sq
1235 mrh90 A40-021: 1235/TAUA21; 2014 808sq
1236 mrh90 A40-022: 1236/TAUA22; 2013 808sq
A40-022: on display aboard HMAS Adelaide during Ship Open to Visitors
A40-022: pictured departing Canberra Airport for bushfire tasking.
1254 mrh90 A40-025: 1254/TAUA25; 2014 808sq
A40-025: on display at Avalon 2019
1255 mrh90 A40-026: 1255/TAUA26; 2014 808sq
1263 mrh90 A40-027: 1263/TAUA27; 2014 5 Avn Regt
mrh90 A40-028: TAUA28; 2014 asg 808 Sqn
Australian Army A40-028: 22mar16 asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji Taveuni Island for relief operations
mrh90 A40-029: ?/TAUA29, RAN 808 Squadron; 09jul15 pictured (pic1) on USS Ashland (LSD 48+
A40-029: Jul18 asg HMAS Adelaide (LHD-1) pictured (pic2) doing VERTREP on USNS Char+
1270 mrh90 A40-030: 1270/TAUA30; RAN; 05jun15 with 808 Sqn at Singleton, NSW
A40-030: Mar16 pictured in Fiji with HMAS Canberra (LHD 02) for relief operations+
mrh90 A40-033: TAUA33; RAN; pictured unk
mrh90 A40-042: 27jul17 as 808 Sqn /Poseidon 42 in Canberra with "Army" titles
Australian Army A40-042: TAUA42; Army 2017
mrh90 A40-045: TAUA45 named Hat-Trick
A40-045: pictured in south east Australia operating from HMAS Choules (L100) durin+
19 C/N found in this Organisation.


04-oct-1305-oct-13 International Fleet Review Sydney 2013
15-jul-1306-aug-13 Talisman Saber 2013

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