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  • argentina Cuerpo Federal de Aviacion

    Policia Federal Argentina

    Federal Aviation Corps
    Argentine Federal Police

    1972 to present    


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    Isla Demarchi


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    2013/    EC145
    2009/    EC135
    1995/03AS365 Dauphin 2
    1995/    Bk117
    1972/    Bo105

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    S-545 105cbs LQ-AOF: PFA d/d 1981 H-6; test serial D-HDNT; conv CBS-2; 28jul05 pictured evacuat+
    - LQ-AOF: preserved Museo Nacional de Aeronáutica, Moron from
    S-563 105cbs LQ-ARV: PFA d/d 1982 H-7; test serial D-HDPL; conv CBS-2; 09nov10 pictured PFA sch+
    0782 ec135t2+ 2009 LQ-BXI: PFA H-11 d/d 2009, test serial D-HECL; 30jun10 pictured at the 200 years P+
    0973 ec135t2+ 2011 LQ-CQN: PFA H-12 d/d 2011
    LQ-CQN: Oct12 pictured (pic1) at home base Isla Demarchi
    LQ-CQN: 05may13 pictured (pic2) over Buenos Aires
    LQ-CQN: 03jul13 pictured (pic3) at PNA base at Zarate
    LQ-CQN: pictured (pic4) at Sauce Viejo during manhunt of fugitives
    Eurocopter Germany D-HCBR: Eurocopter toward LQ-CQN
    9524 ec145 2012 LQ-FPP: PFA d/d Jul13 via Eurocopter Chile, test serial D-HADB; 08nov13 pictured (+
    LQ-FPP: pictured (pic2) and video at Rosario being used as VIP during Rally Dakar+
    LQ-FPP: 10jan15 pictured (pic3) at Sauce Viejo during searching of fugitives
    1132 ec135t2+ 2013 LQ-FQG: PFA H-14 from Mar14, test serial D-HCBB
    LQ-FQG: pictured (pic1) at Rosario
    LQ-FQG: pictured (pic2) in Santa Fe with bambi bucket for Delta islands firefighti+
    Eurocopter Germany D-HCBB: Eurocopter to LQ-FQG
    S-18 105a 1972 LQ-LAP: PFA. Bo105A d/d 1972 PF-01, H-1; test serial D-HDAA; 19nov10 pictured at +
    S-19 105a LQ-LAR: PFA. Bo105A d/d 1972. also D-HDAB, PF-02, H-2. w/o 29dic91 Villa Lugano Ca+
    S-24 105a LQ-LAS: PFA H-3, Bo105A d/d 1972, Ret 1997, MBB serial D-HDAG
    LQ-LAS: Oct12 pictured preserved as gate guardian for CFA (Cuerpo Federal de Aviac+
    S-30 105a LQ-LAT: Bo105A; PFA d/d 1972 H-4/PF-5, ex D-HDAL; wfu by 2002
    S-369 105cbs LQ-MMS: PFA d/d 1978 H-5/PF-7, test serial D-HDLE; tmp as LV-MMS; wfu by 2002
    S-839 105cbs-4 LQ-WFO: PFA d/d 1993 H-8, test serial D-HFCW; 09nov10 pictured (pic1) at PFA scho+
    LQ-WFO: 09-11dec13 pictured (pic2) (pic3) at Rosario. Go with EC135 LQ-CQN to supp+
    LQ-WFO: pictured (pic4) in Helvecia, Santa Fe province searching fugitives Lanatt+
    Eurocopter USA N71581: American Eurocopter 1992/1993
    7512 bk117c-1 1995 LQ-WJW: PFA Unidad Aeromedica Federal (medevac) H-9; BK-117C1 d/d 1995, test seria+
    LQ-WJW: 19oct13 pictured (bot) after train slams into station (again) at Once, Bue+
    6479 as365n2 1995 LQ-WLL: PFA H-10, VIP; Oct03 to PNA (coast guard) as PA-43, pictured (pic1)
    Argentine Coast Guard PA-43: PNA d/d Oct03, ex PFA LQ-WLL; 30jun10 pictured (pic2) during PNA 200 anniversary at Zarate; 29jun12 ...
    Argentine Coast Guard PA-43: pictured (pic4) at Sauce Viejo during searching of fugitives. PFA EC145 LQ-FPP on background
    Argentine Coast Guard PA-43: first one sent to Brazil Helibras for conversion to AS365N3+
    Argentine Coast Guard PA-43: f/f in new N3+ configuration
    Argentine Coast Guard PA-43: pictured (pic5) official reception ceremony on arrival from Helibras after conversion to AS365N3+
    9633 ec145 2013 LV-FQH: PFA H-15 from 2014, test serial D-HBTJ
    LV-FQH: video at Rosario, Santa Fe
    LV-FQH: as /H15 pictured at Rosario
    15 C/N found in this Organisation.