1984 to 2012

usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 42

US Navy

HSL-42 Proud Warriors

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 42
Proud Warriors, tail code HN flew the SH-60B Seahawk from 1984

From 2008 they also operated UAVs MQ-8B Fire Scout

During 2012 they transitioned to the MH-60R Seahawk

HSL-42 were disestablished January 15, 2013 at NAS Jacksonville Hangar 1122 and, at the same ceremony, redesignated as HSM-72

I was on the first USS De Wert (FFG-45) that took 2 on. I would like to be in touch with the guys.

1984-1989 flew in 424 & 432. R u talking about (John Durkin) that almost shot me in the foot, no common sense & turned his enitrie det to captains mast for his mistake at andros Island, all were exonerated etc.?? You & I we were on the same USS Simpson when we made history. FYI The entire det gave him a differrent meaning to JD -

1985-1988 HSL 42 DET 4 AMS 3 John Miller

1985-1989, I was ad3 Fletcher attached to Hsl 42, went on numerous deployments on uss dewier, uss Underwood uss Doyle and a deployment to Virginia Beach, Virginia played on softball team. Hope this finds all that I served with doing we -

1986, I was attached to HSL-40 training unit, then moved to HSL-42 Det.1 in 1987. Cruised 1 time on USS Halyburton (FFG-40), then remainder with USS San Jacinto (CG-56), Plane captain for a/c 421, 423, 424, and 425. AT3 Manco at that time

1989, I was attached to HSL-42, went on six month deployment with Det.1 Deployed on USS San Jacinto (CG-56). Carl Barker Scoggins Chief Rau CMDR Durkin

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End of an era: HSL-42 transitions to HSM-72

End of an era: HSL-42 transitions to HSM-72

23-Jan-13 - NAS JACKSONVILLE by Lt. j.g. Tim Boyce - The “Proud Warriors” of HSL-42 were disestablished Jan. 15 at NAS Jacksonville Hangar 1122 and, at the same ceremony, redesignated as HSM-72.

HSL-42 final deployment with SH-60B

22-Jun-12 - By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class (SW/AW) William Jamieson, USS Jason Dunham Public Affairs - USS JASON DUNHAM, At Sea (NNS) - Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light (HSL) 42 Detachment 7 "Proud Warriors," begin its last deployment while embarked aboard guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109), June 22.


1984/12NAS Mayport / McDonald FieldKNRB

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2008/12 MQ-8A/B Fire Scout
1984/12 S-70 H-60

HSL-42 List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
70-385 sh-60b 162095 : 1985-1988 asg HSL-42 Det.1 /421 at NAS Mayport, FL
: 1985 spring first deployment as HSL-42 Det.1 in USS Underwood (FFG-36), th+
70-386 sh-60b 162096 : 1985, HSL-42 Det 2 first deployment USS Doyle (FFG-39)
Royal Australian Navy -
70-390 sh-60b 162100 : HSL-42 /HN-424 at NAS Mayport, Fl (when?)
70-391 sh-60b 162101 : US Navy; 1995 HSL-42./HN-423; Apr09 HSL-40./HK-416
70-394 sh-60b 162104 : US Navy.; jun1994 deployed aboard USS Normandy CG-60. HSL-42/HN-425
70-396 w/o 2004 sh-60b 162106 : pictured (pic1) 162106 coded 426 of HSL-42 visiting AUTEC, Andros Island
70-400 w/o 1986 sh-60b 162110 : USN; HSL-42 w/o 26jun86
70-403 w/o 1989 sh-60b 162113 : w/o 02aug89 asg HSL-46 Det 3, aboard USS Boone when it crashed into the se+
: Mediterranean. Details of the crash from the DANFS website;; A SH-60B Seah+
70-413 sh-60b 162122 : USN; 2000 HSL-42; 09aug02 Striken from US Navy list
70-414 sh-60b 162123 : US Navy; 1995 HSL-42./HN-433; Apr09 HSL-40./HK-410
70-423 sh-60b 162131 : USN; HSL-42 /HN-434; 2018 HVF West Llc at Tucson, AZ
- 162131
70-603 sh-60b 163243 : USN; 2009 HSL-42
70-658 sh-60b 163908 : USN; 2010 HSL-42
70-2239 sh-60b 164818 : USN; 2011 HSL-42
70-1932 sh-60b 164849 : USN; 2011 HSL-42 /HN-420 special camo
70-2270 sh-60b 165109 : USN; 2011 HN-432/HSL-42
70-2272 sh-60b 165111 : USN; 1998; 2010 HSL-42; Dec12 HSL-42 /HN-437
N-1 mq-8b 167784 : US Navy; Dec09 HSL-42 Det.7; pictured
N-2 mq-8b 167785 : US Navy; Dec09 HSL-42 det.7
N-4 mq-8b 167787 : US Navy; Feb11 HSL-42 det.7
N-15 mq-8b 168212 : US Navy; Feb11 HSL-42 det.7 /N-15

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