usa Rocky Mountain Helicopters

State of Utah


Provides helicopter services including the medical, logging and energy industries. Based at Provo, Utah

RMH started as a leading seismic support company before transitioning into the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) business.

Acquired by Air Methods in 2002

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helicopter   Models

Years Models
Aerospatiale SA316B Alouette III
Aerospatiale SA319B Alouette III
Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger
Bell 214B
Bell 222UT
MBB Bk117A-3
MBB Bk117B-1
MBB Bo105CBS-2

Rocky Mountain Helicopters List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
2273 sa319b 1975 N1044N : Rocky Mountain Helicopters
: Intermountain Life Flight (IHC) 1979-1988, op by Rocky Mountain Helicopter+
Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNY
S-739 105cbs-2 1985 N105MM : Rocky Mountain Helicopters (RMH) 1990-1996
MBB Helicopter Corp N957MB
State of North Carolina N105MM
State of Missouri N911SE
State of Missouri N660SL
- N660SL
7107 bk117a3 1986 N117MA : Rocky Mountain Helicopters
MBB Helicopter Corp N529MB
State of North Carolina N117MA
State of Colorado N137HH
State of Connecticut N137HH
State of Pennsylvania N137HH
State of West Virginia N137HH
28001 w/o 1985 214B N214RM : Rocky Mountain Helicopters; w/o 19jun85 at crashed at Squaw Valley, CA due+
Bell Helicopter N49631
28022 214B 1978 N214RM : Rocky Mountain Helicopters (?)
- N400MS
- HK-3410X
- N214GL
47517 w/o 1986 222ut N251CC : Bell 222UT, cn47517, ff:?; del Rocky Mountain Helicopters as N251CC, unk; +
7088 w/o 2000 bk117a3 N428MB : Rocky Mountain Helicopters; air ambulance; w/o 25apr00 near St. Petersburg+
State of Pennsylvania N428MB
45531 206l-1 1980 N5745Y : Jan81 Rocky Mountain Helicopters, Seismic Oil exporation based in Killdee+
Papillon Grand Canyon N5745Y
28019 w/o 1989 214B 1979 N614RM : Rocky Mountain Helicopters Inc at Provo, UT from 1985; w/o 17may89 at Ket+
Bell Helicopter N16693
Okanagan Helicopters C-GJNU
7227 bk117b1 1990 N71703 : Rocky Mountain Helicopters
MBB Helicopter Corp N71703
State of North Carolina N71703
State of North Carolina N117J
State of Delaware N117J
1739 sa316b 1970 N9362 : Rocky Mountain Helicopters 1970
: Intermountain Life Flight (IHC) op by Rocky Mountain Helicopters 1978-1993+
State of Nevada N9362

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