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  • DE Type 101 Hamburg class



    Destroyer Type 101 Hamburg class


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    4000full load (tn)
    133length (m)
    13.40beam (m)
    4.80draught (m)
    3400range (nm)
    35max speed (knots)
    62000power (shp)
    4Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    4Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher
    3Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
    4Naval Gun twin 40 mm


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    DE HC Stülcken Sohn - 4

    List of Ships

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    DEGerman Navy D181HamburgDRAA19641994
    DEGerman Navy D182Schleswig-HolsteinDRAB19641994
    DEGerman Navy D183BayernDRAC19651993
    DEGerman Navy D184HessenDRAD19681990

    4 units


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    1959-jan-29Laid downDE D181 Hamburg
    1959-aug-20Laid downDE D182 Schleswig-Holstein
    1960-mar-26LaunchedDE D181 Hamburg
    1960-aug-20LaunchedDE D182 Schleswig-Holstein
    1961-feb-5Laid downDE D184 Hessen
    1961-feb-15Laid downDE D183 Bayern
    1962-aug-14LaunchedDE D183 Bayern
    1963-may-4LaunchedDE D184 Hessen
    1964-mar-23CommissionedDE D181 Hamburg
    1964-oct-12CommissionedDE D182 Schleswig-Holstein
    1965-jul-6CommissionedDE D183 Bayern
    1968-oct-8CommissionedDE D184 Hessen
    1977-jun-25DeploymentDE D181 Hamburg Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Ryde Sand
    1990-mar-29DecommissionedDE D184 Hessen
    1993-dec-17DecommissionedDE D183 Bayern
    1994-feb-24DecommissionedDE D181 Hamburg
    1994-dec-15DecommissionedDE D182 Schleswig-Holstein
    1998Fate: scrappedDE D181 Hamburg in Spain
    1998Fate: scrappedDE D182 Schleswig-Holstein in Belgium
    1998Fate: scrappedDE D183 Bayern in Denmark
    1998Fate: scrappedDE D184 Hessen in Portugal.

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