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  • 1954    

    Landing Ship/Platform Dock Thomaston class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Anchorage class 1969
                            US Whidbey Island class 1985
                                                    US Harpers Ferry class 1995


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 2

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    USUS NavyLSD-30USS Fort Snelling19551984
    USUS NavyLSD-33USS AlamoNOQI19561990
    BR Brazilian Navy G31 NDD Rio de Janeiro 19902012
    USUS NavyLSD-34USS HermitageNRVF19561989
    BR Brazilian Navy G30 NDD Ceara 1989--
    USUS NavyLSD-36Anchorage class USS Anchorage19692003
    USUS NavyLSD-41Whidbey Island class USS Whidbey IslandNNWI1985--
    USUS NavyLSD-42Whidbey Island class USS GermantownNGTN1986--
    USUS NavyLSD-43Whidbey Island class USS Fort McHenryNHTD1987--
    USUS NavyLSD-44Whidbey Island class USS Gunston HallNGUN1989--
    USUS NavyLSD-45Whidbey Island class USS ComstockNCWK1990--
    USUS NavyLSD-46Whidbey Island class USS TortugaNTSA1990--
    USUS NavyLSD-47Whidbey Island class USS RushmoreNDXW1991--
    USUS NavyLSD-48Whidbey Island class USS AshlandNAOW1992--
    USUS NavyLSD-49Harpers Ferry class USS Harpers FerryNACP1995--
    USUS NavyLSD-50Harpers Ferry class USS Carter HallNGDT1995--
    USUS NavyLSD-51Harpers Ferry class USS Oak Hill1996--
    USUS NavyLSD-52Harpers Ferry class USS Pearl Harbor1998--

    16 units


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    1953-aug-17Laid downUS LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling
    1954-jul-16LaunchedUS LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling
    1955-jan-24CommissionedUS LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling
    1955-nov-4Laid downUS LSD-34 USS Hermitage
    1956-jan-20LaunchedUS LSD-33 USS Alamo
    1956-jun-21LaunchedUS LSD-34 USS Hermitage
    1956-aug-24CommissionedUS LSD-33 USS Alamo
    1956-dec-14CommissionedUS LSD-34 USS Hermitage
    1972-feb-16US LSD-33 USS Alamo helicopter crash, killed crew members
    1984-sep-28DecommissionedUS LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling
    1989-oct-2DecommissionedUS LSD-34 USS Hermitage loaned to Brazilian Navy
    1989-nov-28CommissionedBR G30 NDD Ceara ex USS Hermitage (LSD-34). Commissioned as NDD CearĂ¡ (G30).
    1990-nov-12DecommissionedUS LSD-33 USS Alamo and loaned to Brazilian Navy
    1990-nov-21CommissionedBR G31 NDD Rio de Janeiro ex USS Alamo (LSD-33)
    1995Fate: scrappedUS LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling
    2001-jan-24StruckUS LSD-34 USS Hermitage and sold to Brazilian Navy
    2012-jun-15DecommissionedBR G31 NDD Rio de Janeiro

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