AR MEKO 140A16 class

PT Joao Coutinho class



Corvette MEKO 140A16 class


1790full load (tn)
91length (m)
11beam (m)
4.50draught (m)
4000range (nm)
27max speed (knots)
20400power (shp)

2Naval Engine diesel

4Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher

1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
2Naval Gun twin 40 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm

1Naval Radar air search radar DA05
1Naval Radar fire direction radar WM28
1Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1226

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
AR Argentine Navy SNIA Alouette III 11
AR Argentine Navy EC AS555SN Fennec 2 01


AR Astillero Rio Santiago (AFNE) - 6

  List of Ships

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1985--ARArgentine NavyP-41ARA EsporaLOML
1987--ARArgentine NavyP-42ARA Rosales
1988--ARArgentine NavyP-43ARA SpiroLOSP
1990--ARArgentine NavyP-44ARA ParkerLOAP
2001--ARArgentine NavyP-45ARA RobinsonLORB
2005--ARArgentine NavyP-46ARA Gomez Roca LOAR

6 units


1980OrderedOrdered AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca as ARA Seaver
1981-apr-01Laid downLaid down AR P-42 ARA Rosales
1982-jan-28LaunchedLaunched AR P-41 ARA Espora
1982-oct-02Laid downLaid down AR P-43 ARA Spiro
1983-mar-01Laid downLaid down AR P-45 ARA Robinson
1983-mar-04LaunchedLaunched AR P-42 ARA Rosales
1983-jun-07Laid downLaid down AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca
1983-jun-24LaunchedLaunched AR P-43 ARA Spiro
1984-mar-30LaunchedLaunched AR P-44 ARA Parker
1984-nov-14LaunchedLaunched AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca
1984-nov-25LaunchedLaunched AR P-45 ARA Robinson
1985 AR P-45 ARA Robinson construction suspended
1985 AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca construction suspended
1985-sep-04CommissionedCommissioned AR P-41 ARA Espora
1987-mar-24CommissionedCommissioned AR P-42 ARA Rosales
1988-may-09CommissionedCommissioned AR P-43 ARA Spiro
1989RefitRefit AR P-44 ARA Parker telescopic hangar
1990-apr-17CommissionedCommissioned AR P-44 ARA Parker
1990-sep-25DeploymentDeployment AR P-43 ARA Spiro desert shield, desert storm
1991-may-30 AR P-43 ARA Spiro returned home
1997-jul-18 AR P-45 ARA Robinson ceremony to recommence completion activities
1997-jul-18 AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca ceremony to recommence completion activities
2000RefitRefit AR P-45 ARA Robinson telescopic hangar
2001CommissionedCommissioned AR P-45 ARA Robinson
2003RefitRefit AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca telescopic hangar
2005CommissionedCommissioned AR P-46 ARA Gomez Roca

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