NL Friesland class

NL Holland class



Destroyer Friesland class

A larger and updated version of the previous Holland class, eight ships served in the Royal Netherlands Navy until they were replaced by the Kortenaer class frigates


3070full load (tn)
116length (m)
11.70beam (m)
5.20draught (m)
4000range (nm)
36max speed (knots)
60000power (shp)

4Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines

2Naval Gun Bofors twin 120 mm
6Naval Gun single 40 mm
2Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack

1Naval Radar air search radar DA01

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
No Landing platform


NL Amsterdam dockyard - 4
NL Rotterdam Dockyard - 1
NL Royal Schelde - 2
NL Wilton-Fijenoord - 1

  List of Ships

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19561979NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD812Hr.Ms. Friesland
19561980NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD813Hr.Ms. GroningenPACX
19811991 PE Peruvian Navy DM-78 BAP Galvez
19561980NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD814Hr.Ms. LimburgPATM
19801991 PE Peruvian Navy DM-76 BAP Capitan Quinones
19571982NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD815Hr.Ms. Overijssel
19821990 PE Peruvian Navy DM-70 BAP Coronel Bolognesi
19571981NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD816Hr.Ms. Drenthe
19811985 PE Peruvian Navy DM-72 BAP Guise
19571980NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD817Hr.Ms. Utrecht
19801990 PE Peruvian Navy DM-71 BAP Castilla
19571981NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD818Hr.Ms. Rotterdam
19811991 PE Peruvian Navy DM-79 BAP Diez Canseco
19581980NLRoyal Netherlands NavyD819Hr.Ms. Amsterdam
19801991 PE Peruvian Navy DM-77 BAP Villar

8 units


1951-dec-17Laid downLaid down NL D812 Hr.Ms. Friesland
1952-feb-21Laid downLaid down NL D813 Hr.Ms. Groningen
1953-feb-21LaunchedLaunched NL D812 Hr.Ms. Friesland
1953-oct-15Laid downLaid down NL D815 Hr.Ms. Overijssel
1953-nov-28Laid downLaid down NL D814 Hr.Ms. Limburg
1954-jan-07Laid downLaid down NL D818 Hr.Ms. Rotterdam
1954-jan-09LaunchedLaunched NL D813 Hr.Ms. Groningen
1954-jan-09Laid downLaid down NL D816 Hr.Ms. Drenthe
1954-feb-15Laid downLaid down NL D817 Hr.Ms. Utrecht
1955-mar-26LaunchedLaunched NL D816 Hr.Ms. Drenthe
1955-mar-26Laid downLaid down NL D819 Hr.Ms. Amsterdam
1955-aug-08LaunchedLaunched NL D815 Hr.Ms. Overijssel
1955-sep-05LaunchedLaunched NL D814 Hr.Ms. Limburg
1956-jan-26LaunchedLaunched NL D818 Hr.Ms. Rotterdam
1956-mar-22CommissionedCommissioned NL D812 Hr.Ms. Friesland
1956-jun-02LaunchedLaunched NL D817 Hr.Ms. Utrecht
1956-aug-25LaunchedLaunched NL D819 Hr.Ms. Amsterdam
1956-sep-12CommissionedCommissioned NL D813 Hr.Ms. Groningen
1956-oct-31CommissionedCommissioned NL D814 Hr.Ms. Limburg
1957-feb-28CommissionedCommissioned NL D818 Hr.Ms. Rotterdam
1957-aug-01CommissionedCommissioned NL D816 Hr.Ms. Drenthe
1957-oct-01CommissionedCommissioned NL D817 Hr.Ms. Utrecht
1957-oct-04CommissionedCommissioned NL D815 Hr.Ms. Overijssel
1958-apr-10CommissionedCommissioned NL D819 Hr.Ms. Amsterdam
1979DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D812 Hr.Ms. Friesland Broken up
1979-aug-13DeploymentDeployment NL D815 Hr.Ms. Overijssel Rescue from Fastnet Yacht Race participated in Fastnet Race rescue on 13-14 Aug 1979
1980DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D813 Hr.Ms. Groningen
1980Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D813 Hr.Ms. Groningen to Peru as BAP Galvez
1980DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D814 Hr.Ms. Limburg
1980Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D814 Hr.Ms. Limburg to Peru as BAP Quiñones
1980DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D817 Hr.Ms. Utrecht
1980Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D817 Hr.Ms. Utrecht to Peru as BAP Castilla
1980DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D819 Hr.Ms. Amsterdam
1980Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D819 Hr.Ms. Amsterdam to Peru as BAP Villar
1980-may-23CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-77 BAP Villar
1980-jun-27CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-76 BAP Capitan Quinones
1980-oct-06CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-71 BAP Castilla
1981DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D816 Hr.Ms. Drenthe
1981Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D816 Hr.Ms. Drenthe to Peru as BAP Guise
1981DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D818 Hr.Ms. Rotterdam
1981Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D818 Hr.Ms. Rotterdam to Peru as BAP Diez Canseco
1981-mar-02CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-78 BAP Galvez
1981-jun-03CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-72 BAP Guise
1981-jun-29CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-79 BAP Diez Canseco
1982DecommissionedDecommissioned NL D815 Hr.Ms. Overijssel
1982Fate: transferedFate: transfered NL D815 Hr.Ms. Overijssel to Peru as BAP Bolognesi
1982-jun-14CommissionedCommissioned PE DM-70 BAP Coronel Bolognesi
1985DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-72 BAP Guise
1990DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-71 BAP Castilla
1990DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-70 BAP Coronel Bolognesi
1991DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-76 BAP Capitan Quinones
1991DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-77 BAP Villar
1991DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-78 BAP Galvez
1991DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-79 BAP Diez Canseco

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