Support Ship Sirius class

Former Royal Fleet Auxiliary Combat Stores Ships purchased by the United States Military Sealift Command (USMSC)

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10205light (tn)
16880full load (tn)
159length (m)
22beam (m)
7.90draught (m)
18max speed (knots)
1Naval Engine diesel

Aircraft Login to Edit

    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 22
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky s-70 H-60 02
US United States Naval Aviation SNIA sa330 puma 10

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Ships on Database Login to Edit

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USUS NavyT-AFS-8USNS SiriusNPGA19812005
USUS NavyT-AFS-9USNS SpicaNMJG19812008
USUS NavyT-AFS-10USNS SaturnNADH19832009

3 units

Events Login to Edit

1981-jan-18CommissionedUS T-AFS-8 USNS Sirius
1981-nov-1CommissionedUS T-AFS-9 USNS Spica
1983-jan-1CommissionedUS T-AFS-10 USNS Saturn
1987-oct-22AircraftUS T-AFS-9 USNS Spica HH-46 152518 accident
2005-jul-1DecommissionedUS T-AFS-8 USNS Sirius
2005-jul-1Fate: transferedUS T-AFS-8 USNS Sirius to Texas Maritime Academy as Texas Clipper III
2008-jan-28DecommissionedUS T-AFS-9 USNS Spica
2009-apr-6DecommissionedUS T-AFS-10 USNS Saturn Deactivated
2010-oct-27Fate: sunkUS T-AFS-10 USNS Saturn sunk by sea and air assets of the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group in a Sinkex off North Carolina

Latest News

Exercise Dark Dune 2017-II

Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth Commissioned

Able to Overhaul Tucson Police Bell 206s

NYPD Bell 429 Rescues Hiker

Centrica Norwegian Sea Drilling Program for CHC

Firefighter Chinook Tracking System

Tenth and Last AS565MBe Panther to Mexican Navy

Med Trans Moved Headquarters to Denton, Texas




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