Patrulleros de Zona MarItima

DE Fassmer-80 class (OPV)


Corvette Patrulleros de Zona MarItima


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1850full load (tn)
80.60length (m)
13beam (m)
3.80draught (m)
25max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel - electric Stork Wartsila 12SW28
1Naval Gun single 40 mm


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    Typical Max
CO Colombian Navy Bell 412 01
CL Chilean Navy EC AS365 Dauphin 2 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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CL Talcahuano - 2nm NE of Talcahuano3

List of Ships

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CLChilean NavyOPV-81Piloto Pardo2008--
CLChilean NavyOPV-82Comandante Policarpo Toro2009--
COColombian NavyPZE-46ARC 20 de Julio5KMK2012--
COColombian NavyPZE-47ARC 7 de Agosto2013--
CLChilean NavyOPV-83Marinero Fuentealba2014--

5 units


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2007-jun-17LaunchedCL OPV-81 Piloto Pardo
2008-jun-13CommissionedCL OPV-81 Piloto Pardo
2008-oct-15LaunchedCL OPV-82 Comandante Policarpo Toro
2009-mar-3Laid downCO PZE-46 ARC 20 de Julio originally to be PO-46
2009-jul-30CommissionedCL OPV-82 Comandante Policarpo Toro
2011-dec-13TrialsCO PZE-46 ARC 20 de Julio Sea trials commenced
2013-sep-7CommissionedCO PZE-47 ARC 7 de Agosto
2014-apr-3LaunchedCL OPV-83 Marinero Fuentealba
2014-augCommissionedCL OPV-83 Marinero Fuentealba
2014-dec-16CO PZE-46 ARC 20 de Julio to Antarctica, Bell 412 ARC225 onboard
2015-augCO PZE-47 ARC 7 de Agosto Combined Task Force 150 Joined Operation Atalanta in Horn of Africa

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