Bell 412
colombia Armada Nacional de Colombia

Colombian Navy

Del'd: 8 - 1998 to present


Armada Nacional de Colombia 412

First batch was from second hand aircraft refurbished by IAI in Israel and used to support Colombian naval infantry

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FS Patrulleros de Zona MarItima

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

33173 412sp     ARC-213: Colombia Navy 213 d/d 1998
- JA9927: Japan, test serial N32087, to N173GH

- N173GH: Israel Aircraft Industries Intl 13/29 Jan 1998
33003     ARC-215: Colombia Navy 215 d/d 1998; ex OE-FXN; w/o 04sep02 34km off +
- I-MDCV: Alba Aeroservizi; to OE-FXN

- OE-FXN: HeliJet Austria; ex I-MDCV; to Colombia
33074     ARC-216: Colombia Navy 216 d/d 1998
- EI-BNI: Ireland, rtn to N10834

National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSB: NSCA, to VH-ESG

Aga Khan Foundation VH-ESG: 1985-1986, I worked as an engineer with this heli. Subc+
33007 1981     ARC-217: Colombia Navy 217 d/d 1998
ERA Helicopters N414EH: ERA Aviation Mar89-Dec98
36639 412ep 2013     ARC-225: Colombia Navy 213 d/d 03jan14
Bell Helicopter N493AH: Bell Helicopter Jul/Dec 2013
36640 412ep 2013     ARC-226: Colombia Navy 213 d/d 03jan14
Bell Helicopter N495FB: Bell Helicopter Jul/Dec 2013, test serial C-GWVO
36651 412ep 2013     ARC-227: Colombian Navy from Sep14; pictured during night operations
Bell Helicopter N495GT: Bell Helicopter Oct13-Apr14, test serial C-FOFG
36662 412ep 2014     ARC-228: Colombian Navy from Sep14
Bell Helicopter N495EB: Bell Helicopter Mar/Sep 2014, test serial C-GZOS

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