IN Sukanya class

KR Ulsan class



Derivatives / Succeeded by
1996 IN W Samar class


1890full load (tn)
96length (m)
11.50beam (m)
4.40draught (m)
5800range (nm)
21max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick

1Naval Gun single 40 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
IN Indian Navy HAL Chetak 01


IN Hindustan Shipyard - 4
KR Tacoma Korea - 3

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1989--INIndian NavyP50INS Sukanya
1990--INIndian NavyP51INS Subhadra
1990--INIndian NavyP53INS Savitri
1991--INIndian NavyP52INS Suvarna
1991--INIndian NavyP54INS Saryu
1991--INIndian NavyP55INS Sharada
1993--INIndian NavyP56INS Sujata
1996--INIndian Coast Guard42Samar class Samar
1997--INIndian Coast Guard43Samar class Sangram
1998--INIndian Coast Guard44Samar class Sarang

10 units


1987-marOrderedOrdered IN P50 INS Sukanya
1987-marOrderedOrdered IN P51 INS Subhadra
1987-marOrderedOrdered IN P52 INS Suvarna
1987-augOrderedOrdered IN P53 INS Savitri
1987-augOrderedOrdered IN P54 INS Saryu
1987-augOrderedOrdered IN P55 INS Sharada
1987-augOrderedOrdered IN P56 INS Sujata
1989-may-23LaunchedLaunched IN P53 INS Savitri
1989-aug-31CommissionedCommissioned IN P50 INS Sukanya
1989-oct-16LaunchedLaunched IN P54 INS Saryu
1990-jan-25CommissionedCommissioned IN P51 INS Subhadra
1990-aug-22LaunchedLaunched IN P52 INS Suvarna
1990-aug-22LaunchedLaunched IN P55 INS Sharada
1990-nov-27CommissionedCommissioned IN P53 INS Savitri
1991-apr-04CommissionedCommissioned IN P52 INS Suvarna
1991-oct-08CommissionedCommissioned IN P54 INS Saryu
1991-oct-25LaunchedLaunched IN P56 INS Sujata
1991-oct-27CommissionedCommissioned IN P55 INS Sharada
1993-nov-03CommissionedCommissioned IN P56 INS Sujata

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