UK Echo class

Support Ship


Support Ship Echo class

Multi-purpose Hydrographic survey ships with a secondary role in mine countermeasures.
Can achieve 16.9 knots with newly scraped and conditioned hull.


3740full load (tn)
90.60length (m)
16.80beam (m)
5.50draught (m)
9300range (nm)
16.90max speed (knots)

2Naval Gun single 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 01
UK Royal Navy AW AW159 Wildcat HMA2 01


UK Appledore Shipbuilders - 1.7nm N of Bideford2

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2003--UKRoyal NavyH87HMS EchoGAAC
20032023UKRoyal NavyH88HMS Enterprise GXUH

2 units


2000-jun-19OrderedOrdered UK H87 HMS Echo
2000-jun-19OrderedOrdered UK H88 HMS Enterprise
2002-mar-04LaunchedLaunched UK H87 HMS Echo
2002-may-02LaunchedLaunched UK H88 HMS Enterprise
2003-mar-07CommissionedCommissioned UK H87 HMS Echo
2003-oct-17CommissionedCommissioned UK H88 HMS Enterprise
2004DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise Maiden deployment to Mediterranean
2005DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise Middle East deployment
2007DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise West African deployment
2008-jul-25DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise At Portsmouth 25-27 Jul for Meet Your Navy 2008
2009DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise East Africa and Gulf deployment
2011-jan-11Port VisitPort Visit UK H87 HMS Echo visit to Malta, until 15 Jan.
2013DeploymentDeployment UK H87 HMS Echo departed for 18-month surveying deployment in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Gulf.
2013-sepRefitRefit UK H88 HMS Enterprise Completed refit at A and P Falmouth, which included hull re-finishing, upgrades to satellite comunications, propulsion deep maintenance and hydrographic echo sounder.
2014-junDeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise departed HMNB Devonport for 35 month deployment, initially in the Mediterranean. Returned 17 Apr 2017.
2015-jul-03DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise Operation Weald relieved HMS Bulwark on station in the Mediterranean for anti people-smuggling operations.
2015-dec-01DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise 2 crewmen being medevac by Spanish frigate Canarias helicopter SH-60B Seahawk
2017-julDeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise Assumed flagship role of NATO SNMCMG2 in Mediterranean Sea during Jul 2017.
2017-oct-07Port VisitPort Visit UK H88 HMS Enterprise visited Touon.
2018RefitRefit UK H87 HMS Echo dry-docking period in Falmouth, included a through cleaning of the hull bottom below the waterline.
2019-aprRefitRefit UK H88 HMS Enterprise 6 week dry-docking period in UK Docks Teesside, Middlesborough.
2019-apr-30Port VisitPort Visit UK H87 HMS Echo visited Batumi, during 3 weeks of operations in the Black Sea.
2020-mayRefitRefit UK H87 HMS Echo 6 week dry-docking period in UK Docks Teesside, Middlesborough.
2020-aug-10DeploymentDeployment UK H88 HMS Enterprise arrived in Beirut from Cyprus, to remap approaches and port sea floor as part of UK aid to Lebanon, following Port Explosion on 4 Aug.
2023-mar-31DecommissionedDecommissioned UK H88 HMS Enterprise at HMNB Devonport.

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