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  • US Casablanca class

    Aircraft Carrier


    A class of rapidly built, lightly armoured escort carriers, to allow larger Fleet carriers to focus on offensive operations, rather than convoy protection escort duties.


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    7800light (tn)
    10900full load (tn)
    156.10length (m)
    19.90beam (m)
    6.90draught (m)
    10250range (nm)
    9000power (shp)
    4Naval Engine boilers
    20Naval Gun single 20 mm
    8Naval Gun twin 40 mm


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    US Kaiser Shipbuilding - Ryan Point1

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyLPH-6USS Thetis BayNKYT - 619441964

    1 units


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    1943-dec-22LaunchedUS LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay at Vancouver, WA
    1944-apr-21CommissionedUS LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay as CVE-90
    1956-jul-20DeploymentUS LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay re-commissioned as CVHA-1
    1959-may-28DeploymentUS LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay re-designated as LPH-6
    1961-aprDeploymentUS LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay operated with HMS Bulwark and HMAS Melbourne, during an amphibious landing exercise off northern Borneo
    1964-mar-1DecommissionedUS LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay

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