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  • FR Achéron class

    Support Ship



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    6485light (tn)
    10250full load (tn)
    151length (m)
    21.50beam (m)
    6.45draught (m)
    9180range (nm)
    19max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
    2Naval Gun single 40 mm


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    FR DCNS - Brest - 1

    List of Ships

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    FRFrench NavyA620Jules VerneFBAC19762009

    1 units


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    1961OrderedFR A620 Jules Verne
    1969-jul-15Laid downFR A620 Jules Verne as Achéron.
    1970-may-30LaunchedFR A620 Jules Verne
    1973-jul-9RefitFR A620 Jules Verne from munitions ship to fleet replenishment and renamed Jules Verne.
    1976-sep-17CommissionedFR A620 Jules Verne
    1976-oct-7HomeportFR A620 Jules Verne assigned to Djibouti.
    1977-may-14Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne port visit and operations around Reunion.
    1978-jan-20Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne visited Seychelles.
    1979-aug-18Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne visited Mayotte, until 23 Aug.
    1980-jan-22Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne visited Colombo, until 26 Jan.
    1980-oct-16Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne visited Mombassa, until 24 Oct.
    1981-marPort VisitFR A620 Jules Verne alongside at Djibouti, from time to time with the Loire.
    1983-may-30DeploymentFR A620 Jules Verne extended visit to Port les Galets on Reunion, until 17 Aug.
    1986-jan-17DeploymentFR A620 Jules Verne Operation Balsac ordered to Aden, with a Puma and 2 Alouettte III embarked, to evacuate French nationals.
    1986-sep-23DeploymentFR A620 Jules Verne rendezvous with HMS Scylla, off Berbera.
    1988-apr-9Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne visited Jeddah, until 13 Apr.
    1988-sep-13Port VisitFR A620 Jules Verne visited Mogadishu, until 17 Sep.
    1988-dec-13RefitFR A620 Jules Verne general upgrade of facilities at Ponant, until mid Mar 1989.
    1991-jan-3DeploymentFR A620 Jules Verne Opération Bérénice assisted in evacuating French and other nationals from Somalia, initially to Djibouti.
    2004-may-26DeploymentFR A620 Jules Verne Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until early Aug.
    2005-jul-18DeploymentFR A620 Jules Verne Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until mid Oct.
    2009-feb-20DecommissionedFR A620 Jules Verne
    2016-mayFate: scrappedFR A620 Jules Verne towed from Toulon to the Galoo yard in Ghent, to be scrapped.

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