1969 to 1992    

F60 HMS Jupiter

UK Royal Navy

Flight Deck: JP
Call Sign: GSYA
Shipyard: Yarrow


History of UK HMS Jupiter F60

1966-oct-03Laid downLaid down
1970-apr-21DeploymentDeployment to Trinidad, following local riots
1972-janDeploymentDeployment Assigned to STANAVFORLANT until Jul 1972.
1972-augRefitRefit Refitting
1973DeploymentDeployment Went to cod war Iceland 6 weeks. Re fitted i devonport. 9 month tour around the world.
1973-aprAircraftAircraft assigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XS562/443 as Jupiter Flt, until c Aug 1975
1976-junAircraftAircraft assigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT431/443-JP as Jupiter Flt, until c Mar 1979
1976-aug-28Port VisitPort Visit HMD Devonport Navy Days 1976 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1976.
1977-jun-25DeploymentDeployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review (Captain 7F), off Gosport
1979-sepDeploymentDeployment to Nov 1979, patrolling off Belize
1980-janRefitRefit Sea Wolf Seawolf conversion commenced, completed Jun 1983
1981-aug-29 HMD Devonport Navy Days 1981 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1981, in refit
1983TrialsTrials supported Lynx deck landing trials, off Portland
1983-sepAircraftAircraft assigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.2 XZ227/443 as Jupiter Flt, until c Aug 1984
1984-jun-13Port VisitPort Visit Tower Bridge Upper Nudged a bridge, whilst in the Pool of London
1986-jan-17DeploymentDeployment YE off Aden Operation Balsac diverted to Aden for Operation Balsac
1987-octAircraftAircraft assigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.3 XZ728/443-JP as Jupiter Flt, until c Mar 1988
1988-junAircraftAircraft assigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.3 XZ230/443 as Jupiter Flt, until c Dec 1989
1990-aprAircraftAircraft assigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.3GMS XZ228/443 as Jupiter Flt, until c Mar 1991
1990-sepDeploymentDeployment Persian Gulf Armilla Patrol Along with HMS Battleaxe and HMS York, were relieved by HMS Brazen, HMS Cardiff and HMS Gloucester (as part of TG 321.1).
1991-octDeploymentDeployment APT(S) South Atlantic deployment until Feb 1992, arriving back in UK 26 Mar.
1997-sepFate: transferedFate: transfered sold for scrap
1998Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped IN Alang Breakers Yard scrapped at Alang, India

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Seawolf Leander class
6Missile Launcher Sea Wolf

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 967
1Naval Radar surface search radar Type 968
1Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 910

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 11


UK Yarrow, Scotstoun

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