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  • Bristol Sycamore 3

    This model is a version of Type 171 Sycamore

    c/n 12898

    Year 1950

    Helicopter Bristol Sycamore 3 Serial 12898 Register WV781 G-ALTD used by Royal Air Force RAF ,Bristol Aeroplane Company. Built 1950. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Bristol Aeroplane Company

    reg G-ALTD to Bristol Aeroplane Co on 17 Nov 1950
    transferred to RAF 26 Mar 1952.


    united kingdom Royal Air Force

    HR.12, based at St Eval by 1952
    1952-07-07AEGHDnoted visiting on 7 Jul 1952
    ASWDU St Mawgan
    CFS (H)
    HDU Old Sarum CFS (H)
    1959 Bleriot Air Race participated in Bleriot Air Race (Marble Arch, London to Eifel Tower) on the Embankment to Biggin Hill leg.
    1964BEGVO G I airframe to Odiham as G I 7839M , still 1981, left Feb 1984
    1974CEGYD G I Airframe RAFC Engineering Flt Cranwell, before 1974
    to Digby
    1974-08DRAF Digby G I Airframe ex Cranwell, arrived Digby mid 1974
    1984-02EEGCN Rebuild Feb 1984 to RAF Finningley for rebuild. Sold during 1985, to Caernarfon Mar 1986.

    1990FEGCK Exhibit to Caernarfon Air World museum by
    cockpit section still displayed 2016.

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