Durham Tees Valley

Teesside , County Durham , England

united kingdom United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Durham Tees Valley with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Urlay Nook , England 3.7060
Thornaby , England 9.3073
North Tees University Hospital , England 9.7033EGI67
Picton , England 9.8137
James Cook University Hospital , England 14.4071EGG26
West Harlsey , England 14.9163

  Durham Tees Valley

54° 30' 33.12'' N     1° 25' 45.84'' W
Teesside, County Durham, England

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  List of units at Durham Tees Valley

Years Unit
2012/17NPASMD900 Explorer, EC135, EC145, EC135,
2002/19GNAASSA365 Dauphin 2, MD902 Explorer, Bo105, AS355E TwinStar,

List of aircraft and events at Durham Tees Valley

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1982-may-01 BIH S-76A G-BIAV
1982-may-06 206B G-BALC
1982-may-19 Bristow 212 G-BFER
1982-may-19 F-28A G-BBHE

1989-aug G I AirframeRAF HAR10 XP330

2002-jun-12 AS355E G-PASF
2002-dec-07 CH-47D ZH776

2003-jul-14 RAF CH-47D ZH775

2004-jan-09 RAF CH-47D ZH775
2004-apr-06 HH-53C 67-14994

2005-oct-28 MD902 G-GNAA

2007-sep-11 EC135T2 G-NEAU
2007-sep-11 MD902 G-GNAA

2010-apr Guardian of the NorthGNAAS AS365N2 G-NHAA

2012-apr AAC AH.1 XZ313

2014-oct AH1 XZ652

2016-sep-11 SA365N2 G-LCPL

2020-apr-30 GNAAS AS365N2 G-NHAC
2020-aug-31 AAC AH.1 ZZ524

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