united kingdom HMD Rosyth

Rosyth, Scotland
united kingdom

3.1 91 Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland
6.4 74 Donibristle, Scotland
9.9146EGPH Edinburgh, Scotland
17.3269 Grangemouth Dockyard, Scotland
17.3104 Leith Docks, Scotland
17.6105 Robb Caledon (Leith), Scotland

56 1 28.21 secs N - 3 26 58.41 secs W

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?UK R09 HMS Prince of Wales Queen Elizabeth class
2014-jul-4UK R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth class


02-apr-8217-jun-82Operation Corporate

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1949 Royal NavyColossus classR51 HMS Perseus
1949-mar-08 1949-jun Royal NavyColossus classR71 HMS Vengeance
1971 RosythRoyal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF101 HMS Yarmouth
1974-aug RosythRoyal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF101 HMS Yarmouth
1975-nov Royal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF108 HMS Londonderry
1979-sep PT Portuguese NavyPereira da Silva classF472 NRP Almirante Pereira da Silva
1982-apr-02 RFA ResourceFleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XS483
1982-apr-03 RFA ResourceFleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XT484
1982-apr-06 1982-jun-27 Royal Fleet AuxiliaryRegent classA480 RFA Resource
1982-may 1982-jul-24 Royal NavyType 81 Tribal classF122 HMS Gurkha
1994 Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D97 HMS Edinburgh
1994-oct Royal NavyInvincible classR07 HMS Ark Royal
1995-aug-07 1996-nov Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 1 and 2) classD87 HMS Newcastle
2002-dec Merlin upgrade refitRoyal NavyInvincible classR06 HMS Illustrious
2004-nov RefitRoyal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D97 HMS Edinburgh
2008-oct 2010-jan-20 RefitRoyal NavyType 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall classF86 HMS Campbeltown
2011-jan 2011-nov-11 RosythRoyal NavyType 23 Duke classF78 HMS Kent
2015-dec-10 2015-dec-20 Royal NavyQueen Elizabeth classR09 HMS Prince of Wales
2017-sep-09 Royal NavyQueen Elizabeth classR09 HMS Prince of Wales

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