czech republic Turany

czech republic

4.8317LKCL Cernovice, Cernovice
13.9313LKCM Medlanky, Medlanky
29.2 55LKVY Vyskov, Vyskov
41.4272LKNA Namest nad Oslavou, Namest
46.1 43LKPJ Prostejov, Prostejov
54.5 73LKKM Kromeriz, Kromeriz

49° 9' 4.68'' N - 16° 41' 38.04'' E

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By Date | By Serial

1997-may-01 W-3A0719
1998-jan-14 Mi-24V Hind0816 Approx. 10 seconds before
2002-may-18 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2003-may-04 Mi-2 Hoplite9428
2004-aug-16 Mi-2 Hoplite0713
2004-sep-04 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2005-sep-10 412EPOK-BYR
2005-sep-10 Mi-17 Hip-H0828
2005-sep-10 Mi-171Sh9767
2005-sep-10 Mi-2 Hoplite0713
2005-sep-10 Mi-24V Hind7356
2005-sep-10 W-3A0717
2005-sep-11 Mi-24V Hind7353
2006-sep-02 412EPOK-BYR
2006-sep-02 bo105p PAH-18655
2006-sep-02 EC135T2OK-BYD
2006-sep-02 Mi-17 Hip-H0847
2006-sep-02 Mi-171Sh9825
2006-sep-02 Mi-171Sh9837
2006-sep-02 Mi-24V Hind0981
2006-sep-02 W-3A0715
2007-sep-08 412EPOK-BYP
2007-sep-08 Mi-171Sh9774
2007-sep-08 Mi-35 Hind3362
2007-sep-08 W-3A0709
2007-sep-08 W-3A0719
2007-sep-09 Mi-24V Hind0788
2008-sep-05 Mi-17 Hip-H0847
2008-sep-06 A109BAH29
2008-sep-06 Mi-24V Hind7356
2008-sep-06 Sea King Mk.48RS03
2008-sep-06 W-3A0709
2008-sep-06 W-3A0717
2008-sep-07 Mi-24V Hind7355
2008-sep-07 Mi-24V Hind0710
2008-sep-07 Mi-24V Hind714
2008-sep-07 Mi-24V Hind0815
2013-may-28 S-92A VVIPEZ-S721
2013-jul-03 407GXN407GT
2013-jul-03 407GXN407GT
2017-dec-07 accidentR44 AstroOK-EIN

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Heliconia AW139 Service Centre for Honeywell

Sloane AW139 Service for Isles of Scilly from 2019

Bell 505 Bearpaws by DART Aerospace

Qatar Ordered 28 NH90 and 16 H125

Air Ambulance Interior for the AW109SP



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