united kingdom John Brown

Glasgow, Scotland
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of John Brown with nearby locations

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3.3209EGPF Glasgow, Scotland
3.4124 Yarrow, Scotland
4.6132 King George V Dock, Scotland
5.7133 South Glasgow Hospitals, Scotland
5.7125 Alexander Stephen, Scotland
5.8126EGEG New Glasgow Heliport, Scotland

55° 53' 50.98'' N - 4° 24' 26.92'' W

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List of ships built at John Brown

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1942Cruiser Fiji class
1944Aircraft Carrier Implacable class
1959Cruiser Tiger class
1960Frigate Type 12 Rothesay class
1963Guided-Missile Destroyer County class
1964Frigate Ikara Leander class
1967Landing Ship/Platform Dock Fearless class
1973Destroyer Later Battle class

1941-sep-11UK C52 HMS Bermuda Fiji class
1942-dec-8UK R10 HMS Indefatigable Implacable class
1945-apr-30UK D43 HMS Matapan Later Battle class
1945-oct-25UK C20 HMS Tiger Tiger class
1959-mar-23UK F101 HMS Yarmouth Type 12 Rothesay class
1961-mar-16UK D06 HMS Hampshire County class
1962-nov-28UK F10 HMS Aurora Ikara Leander class
1964-jun-25UK L11 HMS Intrepid Fearless class

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