Saunders Roe saro p.531

Derived from skeeter

saro p.531
Development of the Westland Wasp / Scout family was the first general purpose light helicopter project that was completely British. Initiated by SARO in Nov 1957, the aim was to develop an improved airframe based on its earlier Skeeter helicopter, with a more modern design in general, but specifically for the powerplant. The result was the SARO P.531; two prototypes both powered by a 400shp Turbomeca Turmo 603 derated to 325 shp, had flown by Autumn 1958 from Eastleigh. Several Skeeter components were used in their construction, including the tailboom, short-legged undercarriage and rotor blades (the P.531 having a 4-blade assembly). In 1959, Westland acquired SARO (and Bristol Rotorcraft) and took development an important stage further by completing two more P.531/2 prototypes at Eastleigh with double the power and various other changes including a skid undercarriage. From these few airframes a successful and long-lived line of light helicopters was born.
The P.531 O/N version was also known by SARO as the H.AS/194D during its shipboard trials, which included suction-cup fittings to undercarriage legs from the flight deck of HMS Undaunted between 1959 and 1961 as part of the Westland Wasp HAS.1 development programme.

Derivatives & Versions

Westland Scout AH.1 1961
Westland wasp 1962 two seat (side by side), anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare helicopter. derived from the saunders-roe p531, after disappointing experience w ...
production wasps used the rolls-royce nimbus 503 engine.
Orginally designated Sea Scout, was known as Wasp HAS.1 in Royal Navy service. The f. in the c/n means that was built by Fairey.
built at fairey (then westland) factory at hayes, middlesex. transported to white waltham for first flight.

List of Operators of Saunders Roe saro p.531

From Organisation with model saro p.531
united kingdom Westland
    6 1958/62
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    3 1959/64
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    3 1961/63
Construction Numbers on database of saro p.531 or its versions

6saro p.531

Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
s2/5267 1958 UK G-APNU : P.531 O/N built at Eastleigh, ff 20 Jul 1958. 1st proto+
UK XN333 : d/d 20 Oct 1959 as 2nd trials airframe, bird strike 11 +
s2/5268 1958 UK G-APNV : P.531-1 built at Eastleigh, ff 30 Sep 1958. 2nd prototy+
UK XN332 : dd into RN service 2 Oct 1959 as 1st trials airframe. S+
Moved to RNEC Manadon (HMS Thunderer) Plymouth as a gro+
To Yeovilton 1971 for preservation, still by Aug 1978. +
s2/5270 1958 UK XN334 : P.531 O/N built at Eastleigh, to UK Royal Navy for tria+
UK XN334 : Delivered into RN service 6 Oct 1959 as 3rd trials airf+
To Lee-on-Solent as G.I. Airframe A2525. Stored at RNAS+
s2/5311 1959 UK G-APVL : P.531-2 as second tranche of prototype, with 1050shp Br+
UK XP166 : AAC Scout AH.1 prototype; 1960 reworked from P.531-2 to+
1968 Displayed at Farnborough Airshow
26feb75 damaged hit by flying wooden debris at Farnbor+
UK G-APVL : Aug02-Aug10 2 private owners; 11jul09 pictured (pic1) a+
NZ ZK-HJG : private at Wanaka, New Zealand from 17feb11; 13may11 ch+
27mar16 pictured (pic2) at Wings Over Wanaka
s2/5312 1959 UK G-APVM : P.531-2 built at Eastleigh as second tranche of prototy+
UK XR493 : Reworked from P.531-2 to pre-production version Scout A+
UK G-APVM : Westland Feb62-Oct68
OM 8040M : preserved at Royal Air Force Oman Museum at Seeb
s2/8444 1961 UK XR436 : P.531-2 built at Hayes, for evaluation by Indian Govern+
UK XR436 : ah.1 Reworked from P.531-2 to pre-production version Scout A+
6 C/N.

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