Del'd: 3 - 1959 to 1964

Saunders Roe Saro P.531
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

Short trials life for two P.531 O/N and one P.531-1. Unlike their Army Air Corps counterparts, these 3 P.531s were never reworked into their Wasp HAS.1 equivalents.

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1961/64771 NAS Portland Heliport
1959/61700 NASRNAS Culdrose
RNAS Yeovilton


FF Type 15 class

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
s2/5268 1958 XN332 dd into RN service 2 Oct 1959 as 1st trials airframe. Spent its service life wit...
Westland G-APNV: P.531-1 built at Eastleigh, ff 30 Sep 1958. 2nd prototy...
s2/5267 w/o 1961 1958 XN333 d/d 20 Oct 1959 as 2nd trials airframe, bird strike 11 Nov 1959 and recovered to...
Westland G-APNU: P.531 O/N built at Eastleigh, ff 20 Jul 1958. 1st proto...
s2/5270 w/o 1962 1958 XN334 Delivered into RN service 6 Oct 1959 as 3rd trials airframe, aboard HMS Undaunte...
Westland XN334: P.531 O/N built at Eastleigh, to UK Royal Navy for tria...

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