Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight




US Navy basic utility version used for vertical replenishment (VERTREP), secondary cargo, personnel transport, & SAR role, 14 built.


From Organisation with model UH-46A
usa US Navy
    107M H-46 Sea Knight 1964/06

Construction Numbers on database of UH-46A


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2026 1964
US 150965 : US Navy UH-46A d/d 27jun64; asg HC-1 /60; w/o 12Dec66 R+
Mar65 pictured as HC-1 Det.47 /60 USS Mars (AFS-1) s+
I believe this UH-46A crashed on 12dec66 30 miles off S+
1966, as a young sailor in HC-1, I had the opportunity +
2027 1964 US 150966 : BV-107M, c/n 2027, ff?; del USN 30Jun64 as UH-46A 15096+
This unit was delivered to HC-1 as well as 150965. R+
Mar65 pictured in the Tonkin Gulf from the USS Mars (AF+
This bird was with HC-7 in Atsugi Japan and used for Ve+
CH-46D 1988 CH-46D type HC-6./HW-15
1992 transf from HC-6 to HC-8 /BR-40. Det 3 returned th+
2038 1964 US 150967 : BV-107M, c/n 2038, ff?; del USN 30Sep64 as UH-46A 15096+
2051 1965 US 150968 : BV-107M, c/n 2051, ff?, del USN 29Jan65 as UH-46A 15096+
Attached to USS Camden (AOE-2) at time of loss. 4 fata+
w/o 15aug91 off USS Camden (AOE-2) while resupplying sh+
this happens after leaving our ship, USS Leahy (CG-16) +
wreck recovered by USS Salvor (ARS-52) from a depth app+
2052 1965 US 151902 : HH-46D BV-107M, c/n 2052, ff?; del USN 30Jan65 as UH-46A 15190+
2057 1965 US 151903 : BV-107M, c/n 2057, ff?; del USN 12MAr65 as UH-46A 15190+
1965/66 pictured as VH-51 with HC-7 at Atsugi Japan
2062 1965 US 151904 : BV-107M, c/n 2062, ff?; del USN 10Mar65 as UH-46A 1519+
1969 pictured (top) during WestPac cruise as HC-7 /VH-5+
UH-46D 23sep95 pictured (bot) as HC-6 Det3 /HW-10 "1904" at NA+
2067 1965 US 151905 : BV-107M, c/n 2067, ff?; del USN 07Apr65 as UH-46A 15190+
2112 1965 US 152490 : BV-107M, c/n 2112, ff?; del USN 21Dec65 as UH-46A 15249+
Sank off Duc Pho, RVN, after losing engine, landed in t+
2118 1966 US 152491 : USN UH-46A d/d 11jun66; NAS Memphis accident 09Jul71; c+
1999 HC-5, UH-46D type
US - : Columbia Helicopters from 2004; spares?
- : Scroggins Aviation from 09nov17 for its movie mockup co+
2124 1966 US 152492 : BV-107M, c/n 2124, ff?; del USN 04Feb66 as UH-46A 15249+
2130 1966 US 152493 : BV-107M, c/n 2130, ff?; del USN 02Mar66 as UH-46A 15249+
2137 1966 US 152494 : BV-107M, c/n 2137, ff?; del USN 24Mar66 as UH-46A 15249+
1989 pictured vertrep operation from personal collectio+
w/o 08apr69 HC-7 Det 102, vertrep, aboard USS Mars (AF+
2144 1966 US 152495 : UH-46D BV-107M, c/n 2144, ff?; del USN as UH-46A 152495, 11Apr+
27nov67 HC-7 Det 102 aboard USS Mars (AFS-1) - off loa+
NOTE: [conflicting info] on 27Nov67, UH-46A 152495 was +
1996/1997 pictured still in active service on USS Raini+
14 C/N.

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