Sixty-one conversion of CH/UH-46A for USN/USMC Search & Rescue. Mods included a rescue hoist, doppler radar, search light, extra fuel tankage in rear fuselage and more advanced avionics.

List of Operators of Boeing-Vertol HH-46A

From Organisation with model HH-46A
usa US Marine Corps
    107M H-46 Sea Knight 600 1962/15
usa US Navy
    107M H-46 Sea Knight 1964/06

Construction Numbers

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2021 1964 US 150938 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2021, ff?; del USMC as CH-46A 150938, asgd+
US 150938 : xfer USN HC-7 09Jan70; xfer HC-3 24Sep70; stor MASDC DM+
2036 1964 US 150951 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2036; ff?, del to USMC 30Sep64 as CH-46A 1+
1979 pictured (top) as HH-46 type with MCAS Iwakuni SAR
I think it was a HH-46D type at 9SOM search and rescue+
US 150951 : It was a SAR bird at MCAS Iwakuni up until Oct 2001, It+
30apr02 pictured (bot) during maintenance by HC-5 at Yi+
US 150951 : 26sep75
2044 1964 US 150958 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2044, ff?; del USMC 24Nov64 as CH-46A 1509+
US 150958 : US Navy in 1993 type:HH-46D /VR-70 HC-11
HH-46D 09-14jul98 HH-46D type HC-11./VR-67 embarked USS Tarawa+
2061 1965 US 151913 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2061, ff?; del USMC 27Feb65 as CH-46A 1519+
US 151913 : I have the safety report for this accident. It was a n+
I think this may be the flight on a sight seeing trip +
US 151913 : 3mar77
2063 1964 US 151914 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2063; ff?, del USMC 19Mar65 as CH-46A 1519+
US 151914 : USN; xfer NARF Cherry Point 22Jun74; further unit xfers+
Mid80s, in HC-11 till at least 1991 in Det.4 along with+
2064 1965 US 151915 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2064; ff?, del USMC 19Mar65 as CH-46A 1519+
1970 pictured during overhaul at Atsugi, Japan
US 151915 : 18apr75
USN; xfer NARF Cherry Point 19Mar74; further unit xfers+
HH-46D Converted to HH-46D
1993 HH-46D type as HC-11 /VR-50
HH-46D 09-14jul98 HH-46D type HC-11./VR-66 embarked USS Tarawa+
Apr99 HH-46D HC-11 / VR-66
2070 1965 US 151920 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2070; ff?, del USMC 15Apr65 as CH-46A 1519+
25jan68 she flew her last combat mission as HMM-164 /YT+
25jan68 I was the Crew Chief on /YT-6. This lady gave h+
1970 pictured at Camp Fuji, Japan
US 151920 : 6mar74
2076 1965 US 151926 : CH-46A BV-107M; c/n 2076; ff?; del USMC 14Jun65 as CH-46A 1519+
late 1970s / early 1980s seen as HH-46A Cubi Point SAR+
US 151926 : 9nov76 HH-46A
w/o 24aug93 asg HC-5 Det 5 aboard the USS White Plains +
2077 1965 US 151927 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2077; ff?; del USMC 19May65 as CH-46A 1519+
Aug69 pictured as HMX-1 /MX-14 during air show at Dulle+
US 151927 : USN; Mar99 as HC-11 /VR-77 on USS Boxer (LHD-4)
2087 1965 US 151937 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2087, ff?; del USMC 23Jul65 as CH-46A 1519+
US 151937 : 24aug73
1980 HH-46A type asg NAVSTA ROTA SAR
1993 HH-46D type asg HC-3 /SA-01
Apr99 HH-46D HC-3 / SA-01
2089 1965 US 151939 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2089, ff?; del USMC 09Aug65 as CH-46A 1519+
US 151939 : 03oct74 conv to HH-46A
28oct89 pictured at NAS Point Mugu, CA
2139 1966 US 152518 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2139, ff?; del USMC 14Mar66 as CH-46A 1525+
Jul68 HMM-265 /EP-2 pictured (pic1) on USS Tripoli (LPH+
US 152518 : pictured (pic2) as HC-16 /BF-400 at Pensacola. Notice T+
asg HC-5 /RB-12, unk; w/o 22oct87 video ditched in Nort+
2152 1966 US 152530 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2152, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, Fleet Readi+
HH-46D xfer xfer NADEP North Island, 19Dec88; redesig HH-46D 2+
US 152530 : 07Nov01 HC-5
US 152530 : preserved on display at MCAS Beaufort; Aug13 rededicat+
preserved on display at MCAS Beaufort, SC
2160 1966 US 152538 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2160, ff?; del USMC 09Jun66 as CH-46A 1525+
US 152538 : HC-6, HW-03, 20Apr70; stor MASDC as 1J0060 29Mar72; xfe+
mid70s, was our primary Helo at NAS Whidbey Island SAR,+
HH-46D 1993 HH-46D type as HC-3 /SA-03
Apr99 HH-46D HC-3 / SA-03
HH-46D type as HC-11 /VR-55; 2010 scr by HVF West LLC+
2165 1966 US 152543 : CH-46A BV-107M, c/n 2165, ff?; del USMC 15Jun66 as CH-46A 1525+
US 152543 : ; xfer NAF Cam Ranh Bay 24Dec70; xfer NAF Cam Ranh Bay,+
5 of 7 onboard perished
15 C/N.

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