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  • Bell V-22 Osprey

    Bell CMV-22B Osprey


    Bell CMV-22B Osprey

    US Navy Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) variant

    CMV-22B Osprey News

    Rolls-Royce Engines for Navy and Marine Ospreys, 29-Dec-22 : #RollsRoyce Rolls-Royce subsidiary in Indianapolis awarded a $74M Department of Defense contract for 28 AE1107C engines for the US Navy/Marines Osprey fleet

    CMV-22B First Refueling on Aircraft Carrier, 25-Nov-20 : #refueling US Navy new transport aircraft, the CMV-22B tilt-rotor, completed first operations aboard an aircraft carrier. Initial operational capability (IOC) planned for next year

    HX-21 Test Osprey on LPD-class Ship, 02-Nov-20 : #LPD US Navy’ Air Test and Evaluation Squadron HX-21 completed a 10-day detachment aboard the amphibious transport dock USS New York (LPD 21, San Antonio-class) operating Marine MV-22B, Navy CMV-22B, USAF CMV-22B and Presidential Osprey tilt-rotors during 180 shipboard approaches and landings, totaling 45 hours of flight testing

    Sailors Deployed with Marines to Learn the V-22, 15-Sep-20 : #Kuwait US Navy aviators transitioning to the CMV-22B Osprey from the C-2 Greyhound Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) mission are currently deployed with Marines VMM-166 in Kuwait to gain a better understanding of the aircraft operations

    VRM-30 Receives First COD CMV-22B Osprey, 24-Jun-20 : #COD US Navy Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron VRM-30 based at Naval Air Station NAS North Island in San Diego, CA received the first Bell/Boeing CMV-22B Osprey for the Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) mission replacing the C-2A Greyhound

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    List of Operators of Bell CMV-22B Osprey

    From Organisation with model CMV-22B Osprey
    usa US Navy

    Construction Numbers on database of CMV-22B Osprey


    Construction Numbers

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    D2001 2019 US 169435
    D2002 US 169436
    D2003 US 169437
    D2004 2020 US 169438
    D2005 US 169439
    D2006 US 169440
    D2007 US 169441
    D2008 2021 US 169442
    D2009 US 169443
    D2010 US 169444
    D2011 US 169445
    D2012 US 169446
    D2013 US 169447
    D2014 2022 US 169448
    D2015 US 169449
    15 C/N.

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