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    Flight School - Training Military

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    Military helicopter pilot training


    Canadian Coast Guard New Simulator, 16-Jul-21 : #simulator Canadian Coast Guard accepted the new CAE full-flight helicopter simulator for the Bell 412 and Bell 429 at the Transport Canada Training Centre at the Ottawa International Airport

    USAF First Helicopter-Only Trained Pilots, 28-Jun-21 : #HelicopterOnly U.S. Air Force graduates first pilots from helicopter-only training since 1993. The first “Helicopter Training Next” (HTN) class went directly to Fort Rucker for TH-1 course instead of having a six-month period on T-6 Texan

    Virtual Reality Trainer for HH-60W, 28-May-21 : #VirtualReality CAE awarded contract to develop USAF new combat search and rescue helicopter HH-60W Virtual/Mixed Reality (VR/MR) aircrew trainer. Scheduled for delivery to Moody AFB during Spring 2022

    FRASCA Simulator for Navy TH-73A, 08-Apr-21 : #TH73 US Navy awarded to FlightSafety International Contractor Instructional Services (CIS) and availability on 18 FRASCA-designed and manufactured Level 6 and Level 7 Flight Training Devices (FTD) for the new TH-73 (AW119Kx) trainer helicopter fleet

    Lebanese Pilots First Training Class, 17-Mar-21 : #Lebanon Lebanese Air Force crews completed their first training class at MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) Flight Training Academy in Mesa, Arizona

    20-Feb-21 - Farewell to TH-67 Creek #Creek
    23-Dec-20 - US Army Helicopter Flight Training Services #ArmyAviator
    22-Dec-20 - Leonardo Training Academy at Yeovil #Academy
    10-Dec-20 - NHV H145 for Bundeswehr Training
    02-Dec-20 - Marines CH-53K Simulator Ready #simulator
    30-Nov-20 - Elbit Helicopter Simulator for Undisclosed Country #simulator
    22-Nov-20 - Maxwell AFB Training Site for Grey Wolf #MH139
    19-Nov-20 - Aircrew Virtual Environment Trainer #ACMT
    03-Nov-20 - Norwegian Military Pilots Training in UK #ASW
    02-Nov-20 - Super Puma Simulator in South Africa #SuperPuma
    22-Oct-20 - NH90 Simulator for Royal New Zealand Air Force #simulator
    27-Aug-20 - FlightSafety Wins TH-73 Simulators Contract #AHTS
    11-Aug-20 - Small Business Award for Ryan Aerospace #SmallBusiness
    18-Jul-20 - Wisconsin Guard Designed Pilot Visor for Training #innovation
    04-Jul-20 - US Navy Instructors Begin Training in TH-73A #instructors
    30-Jun-20 - First 1000 Flight Hours for Horizon Academy Bell 505 #Bell505
    04-May-20 - CH-53K First Simulator Ready #simulator
    16-Apr-20 - Pilot Performance Evaluation and Training Tool #PilotTraining
    10-Mar-20 - RAF Training Building Named Duke of Cambridge #UKMFTS
    12-Feb-20 - Royal Thai Air Force Orders H135 Trainers #H135
    07-Feb-20 - V-22 SMART Ramp Trainer by Bluedrop #VirtualReality
    22-Jan-20 - UK MoD Orders Four More H145 Jupiter #Jupiter
    19-Dec-19 - CAE Training Solutions for German Sea Lion #Simulator
    15-Dec-19 - USAF Produces Helicopter Pilots Using Virtual Reality
    07-Dec-19 - Portable V-22 Virtual Reality Trainer
    04-Dec-19 - HeliMod Mark III Plus+ Unveiled at I/ITSEC 2019 #IITSEC2019
    02-Dec-19 - MRH90 Training Rig Simulator for Australia #MRH90
    28-Nov-19 - Quality Management Accreditation for HeliOperations #ISO9001
    17-Nov-19 - Saudi Navy Pilots Complete MH-60R Training #NETSAFA
    02-Nov-19 - Ryan Aerospace Simulators for US Army #MilitaryPilot
    30-Oct-19 - New NH90 Training Center in Den Helder #NH90
    15-Oct-19 - “Project da Vinci” Transforms USAF’ Pilot Training #PilotTraining
    19-Sep-19 - Thales AS350 Simulator for Uzbekistan #FlightTraining
    10-Sep-19 - Leonardo and CAE to Collaborate on Helicopter Training DSEI 2019
    27-Aug-19 - First Graduates at British Juno / Jupiter School #HelicopterSchool
    12-Aug-19 - Sixteen Sea King for HeliOperations #SeaKing
    05-Aug-19 - Sixty TH-67 Trainer Helicopters to Colombia
    18-Jul-19 - Kaman Opens New Customer Service Center #Kaman
    08-Jul-19 - MD530F Trainer for the Slovak Training Academy #FlightTraining
    25-Jun-19 - Computer Based Training for Canadian Chinook #Chinook
    18-Jun-19 - NH90 Maintenance Training Rig to German Navy #SeaLion
    17-Jun-19 - Airbus Training Centre in Ukraine Paris Air Show 2019
    16-Jun-19 - RELY3D Maintenance Training Tool for Apache #RELY3D
    29-May-19 - Cormorant Hoist Training System for CFB Comox #Hoist
    29-May-19 - V-22 Special Mission Aviator Ramp Trainer by Bluedrop
    20-May-19 - Hungary Acquired Helicopter Mission Trainer (HMT) #Hungary
    16-May-19 - Australia’ Helicopter Training System Achieved IOC #HATS
    16-Apr-19 - New Simulators with VITAL 1150 Visual System #VITAL1150
    05-Apr-19 - Final Acceptance for Australian Chinook Trainer #training
    01-Apr-19 - Russian Helicopters Training Center in Venezuela #Venezuela
    19-Mar-19 - 10.000 Flight Hours for Juno in Less Than a Year #Juno
    08-Mar-19 - Six More Enstrom 480B for Thailand Heli-Expo 2019
    19-Feb-19 - Israel Ordered Seven AW119Kx Trainers #IAF
    01-Feb-19 - US Navy’s Newest Outlying Landing Field #Escambia
    28-Jan-19 - Colombian Navy Welcomed Dauphins #Colombia
    14-Dec-18 - Polish Air Force Academy Gets R44 #Academy
    30-Nov-18 - Canadians Prepared for Mali with Virtual Reality #Simulator
    04-Nov-18 - Marines AH-1Z and UH-1Y Training in Okinawa
    01-Nov-18 - Royal Australian Navy New Helicopter Simulator #Pilots
    22-Oct-18 - QinetiQ Acquired Military Training Provider Inzpire #QinetiQ
    03-Oct-18 - Juno and Jupiter Fully Operational #UKMFTS
    18-Sep-18 - Ten Frasca Training Systems for Navy TH-57 #NavalAviator
    26-Aug-18 - FlightSafety Awarded TH-57 Aircrew Training Services #training
    09-Aug-18 - New Simulator for New Zealand NH90 #training
    17-Jul-18 - QinetiQ Received Fourth and Last H125 for ETPS FIA 2018
    16-Jul-18 - CAE 700MR Simulator for Military Helicopter Training FIA 2018
    16-Jul-18 - Czech Air Force Received First Enstrom 480B-G Trainer FIA 2018
    13-Jul-18 - CAE Joins Chinook Team for German Competition #STH
    25-Jun-18 - West Virginia Guards Certified by FEMA #elite
    12-Jun-18 - Fifth and Final H135 Trainer to Bundeswehr #training
    09-Apr-18 - Oman Aviation Academy to be Created by CAE
    04-Apr-18 - Colombia Offers Black Hawk Maintenance and Training FIDAE 2018
    23-Mar-18 - QinetiQ H125 Arrived at Boscombe Down ETPS
    15-Mar-18 - CAE to Provide NH90 Training to Qatar
    14-Mar-18 - ADAC Leased Four H135 for German Army Training
    07-Mar-18 - Brazilian Navy S-70B Seahawk Simulator
    05-Mar-18 - Afghan Black Hawk Pilots Training in Slovakia
    20-Feb-18 - HWIC 2018 in the Netherlands
    09-Jan-18 - Virtual Reality Rescue Hoist Simulator for CH-148
    22-Nov-17 - Indra Working on Simulator for Spanish NH90
    30-Oct-17 - Slovak Training Academy Opened in Kosice
    25-Oct-17 - USAF HH-60W Training Program Ready By 2020
    23-Oct-17 - UK MoD’ MSHATF Renewed with CAE
    05-Sep-17 - SW-4 Full Flight Simulator for Polish Air Force
    04-Jul-17 - HATS Training Simulator at Nowra #HATS
    13-Jun-17 - Norway AW101 Training Centre Opens
    16-May-17 - German Navy Sea King Simulator Upgrade
    09-May-17 - Quantum3D Image Generator for Turkish T625
    09-May-17 - Cameroon’s pilots Completed Training at Heli Union
    20-Apr-17 - UH-60M Black Hawk ‘BAT’ Trainer
    12-Jan-17 - CAE Wins US Army US$ 450 M Contract
    27-Dec-16 - New Simulation Software Improves Helicopter Pilot Training
    22-Dec-16 - KBR Training Contract for Royal Australian Navy
    12-Dec-16 - CH-47F Maintenance Training System in Australia
    01-Dec-16 - Lakota Simulators at Flight School XXI
    28-Nov-16 - Canada Launch Customer for CAE Medallion 6000XR
    22-Nov-16 - Australian HATS EC135T2+ Final Delivery
    27-Oct-16 - 90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS
    27-Sep-16 - Fox Training Management System for CH-148
    23-Aug-16 - AH-64E Apache Training System to South Korea
    11-Jul-16 - Bell 212/412 Simulator for Mexican Air Force FIA 2016
    07-Jul-16 - CAE Simulators for UK MFTS Program H135/H145
    06-Jul-16 - Mexican Navy UH-60M Black Hawk Simulator
    23-Jun-16 - Chinook Rear Crew Trainer
    22-Jun-16 - Bluedrop Extend Aircrew Training for CH-148
    15-Jun-16 - CAE Simulators for Emirates Armed Forces
    03-Jun-16 - Mi-8MTV1 Training Simulator at KADEX-2016
    02-Jun-16 - Display Systems for MH-60 TRPS Program
    20-May-16 - H135 and H145 for UK Military Flying Training
    10-May-16 - Rockwell Collins at ITEC 2016
    25-Feb-16 - Helicopter Simulator for Canadian Coast Guard
    15-Feb-16 - First Aid Ground Training
    10-Feb-16 - CAE to Proceed on US Navy MH-60 Tech Refresh Program
    08-Feb-16 - RCAF Graduates First Class of CH-147F Chinook Aircrews
    18-Jan-16 - Visual Display Systems for UH-72A Lakota
    15-Dec-15 - Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Final TH-135
    23-Nov-15 - Rockwell Collins at I/ITSEC 2015
    17-Nov-15 - New Zealand Commences SH-2G(I) Simulator Training
    09-Nov-15 - UAE Horizon Academy Signs LOI with Bell Dubai Airshow 2015
    27-Oct-15 - Entrol Celebrates 10th Anniversary
    21-Aug-15 - Helibras H225 Simulator Inaugurated in Rio
    20-Jul-15 - Finnish NH90 Sogitec Training Device Ready
    07-Jul-15 - MH-60R Maintenance and Rear-Crew Trainers for Australia
    07-Jul-15 - Seventh and Eight UH-72A Trainers for US Army
    02-Jun-15 - RAF Chinook Mk.6 Simulators and Training System
    02-Jun-15 - New Merlin HC.4 Simulators at Yeovilton
    29-May-15 - CAE To Upgrade Canadian CH-146 Griffon Simulator
    27-May-15 - RCAF Chinook Training Underway in Petawawa
    27-Apr-15 - Rheinmetall to upgrade NH90 Bundeswehr Trainer
    06-Apr-15 - Frasca Simulator for Horizon Flight Academy
    01-Apr-15 - Rockwell Collins EP-8100 Image Generator
    01-Apr-15 - Royal Australian Navy MH-60R Simulators Ready
    12-Feb-15 - Twenty Tiger Simulators To France and Germany
    10-Feb-15 - Indra Simulator for Spanish Army EC135
    10-Feb-15 - Two Osprey Simulators Delivered to Marines HMX-1
    09-Feb-15 - Sogitec NH90 Training Services for Sweden
    10-Dec-14 - French Army Second NH90 Simulator Ready
    02-Dec-14 - First UH-72A Flight Simulator at Ft Rucker Accepted
    05-Nov-14 - Second Australian Army MRH90 Simulator Ready
    21-Oct-14 - CAE training devices for New Zealand SH-2G
    05-Sep-14 - Thales boosts Australian Tiger helicopter simulator
    18-Jun-14 - Three MH-60R simulators enter service for US Navy
    09-May-14 - Maine Army National Guard Simulators
    05-Mar-14 - UH-60L/M simulator for Mexican Federal Police
    08-Jan-14 - CAE MH-60R simulator for Royal Danish Navy
    13-Dec-13 - Thales EC635 simulator for Swiss Air Force
    04-Nov-13 - Elbit new simulator for naval Sea King
    22-Oct-13 - Netherlands Chinook new CAE simulator
    29-Aug-13 - First Australian Army MRH90 Simulator Ready
    10-Jun-13 - New CAE Brunei multipurpose training centre
    22-May-13 - Royal Navy Lynx Mk8 simulator upgraded
    04-Dec-12 - Two MH-60R simulators for Royal Australian Navy
    06-Aug-12 - New simulator for Australian Kiowa Instructors
    21-Jun-12 - First CH-53E trainer arrives in Hawaii
    18-May-12 - HH-60G simulator enters service at Kirtland AFB
    20-Apr-12 - Mi-17 simulator for Afghan pilots
    27-Dec-11 - UH-1Y and AH-1Z simulators ready for training
    16-Dec-11 - Brazilian-made full-flight helicopter simulator SHEFE presented
    14-Dec-11 - MH-60S simulator ready for training
    28-Nov-11 - Royal Air Force CH-47 Chinook upgraded simulator at CAE’s MSHATF
    17-Nov-11 - Dual-Input Christie Matrix StIM Projectors for helicopter training
    06-Jul-11 - State-of-the-Art Blackhawk simulator in Colombia
    23-Sep-09 - Helisim Inaugurates its First NH90 Simulator