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    US Army Helicopter Flight Training Services

    CAE awarded $90M 7-year contract for US Army advanced helicopter flight training services. CAE will provide the instructor pilots for the US Army’s 900 aviators that transition annually to the CH-47 Chinook, UH-60 Black Hawk, or AH-64 Apache helicopters


    US Army Helicopter Flight Training Services

    CAE, December 23, 2020 - Tampa, Florida - CAE announced that CAE USA is authorized to proceed on the United States Army contract to provide advanced helicopter flight training support services.

    Under terms of the contract, CAE USA will provide classroom, simulator, and live flying instructor support services for Army aviators training to fly the CH-47 Chinook, UH-60 Black Hawk, and AH-64 Apache helicopters. The flight training support services will be provided at the U.S. Army’s Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE) at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

    The total value of the contract, including the one-year base contract and six one-year options through 2027, is expected to be approximately US$90 million. The initial base contract was included as part of CAE’s first quarter fiscal year 2021 order intake. The contract was protested and the contract award to CAE USA was subsequently upheld by the US Court of Federal Claims.

    “We are honored the U.S. Army selected CAE to provide flight training services for aviators transitioning to fly the Army’s frontline combat helicopters,” said Ray Duquette, President and General Manager, CAE USA.

    Once Army aviators graduate from the Initial-Entry Rotary-Wing training program, they are assigned to continue training on one of the Army’s frontline combat helicopters or transition to fixed-wing training on the C-12 Huron.

    CAE USA will now provide the instructor pilots required to deliver the flight training to approximately 900 Army aviators annually transitioning to the CH-47 Chinook, UH-60 Black Hawk, or AH-64 Apache. CAE USA will also deliver additional flight training support services by providing maintenance examiners and non-rated crewmember flight engineers.

    “When combined with the fixed-wing flight training program we already support at our Dothan Training Center, CAE will now play a pivotal role supporting the training of all Army aviators progressing to their assigned operational aircraft,” said Dan Gelston, Group President, Defense & Security, CAE.

    Several industry partners will support CAE USA on delivering the Army’s Advanced Helicopter Flight Training Services, including Navigator Development Group, Pinnacle Solutions, and MAG Aerospace.
    About CAE

    CAE’s Defense & Security business unit focuses on helping prepare our customers to develop and maintain the highest levels of mission readiness. We are a world-class training and mission systems integrator offering a comprehensive portfolio of training and operational support solutions across the air, land, sea and public safety market segments. We serve our global defense and security customers through regional operations in Canada; the United States/Latin America; Europe/Middle East; and Asia-Pacific, all of which leverage the full breadth of CAE’s capabilities, technologies and solutions.
    About CAE

    About CAE: CAE is a high technology company, at the leading edge of digital immersion, providing solutions to make the world a safer place. Backed by a record of more than 70 years of industry firsts, we continue to reimagine the customer experience and revolutionize training and operational support solutions in civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare. We are the partner of choice to customers worldwide who operate in complex, high-stakes and largely regulated environments, where successful outcomes are critical.

    Testament to our customers’ ongoing needs for our solutions, over 60 percent of CAE’s revenue is recurring in nature. We have the broadest global presence in our industry, with approximately 10,000 employees, 160 sites and training locations in over 35 countries.

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