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  • McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer


    Construction Numbers

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    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    900/00002 1992 US N900MD : McDonnell Douglas f/f 18dec92
    US N900MD : MD Helicopters Mar99-Jun01; w/o
    900/00008 1991 US N900MH : MD Helicopters; reg class Experimental, Research and De+
    Mar16 conv glass cockpit
    md969 Mar19 as MD969 unveiled at Heli-Expo 2019
    as MD969 pictured (pic2) on display at Falcon Field Ai+
    900/00010 1995 SE N9208V : MD Helicopters; 04jul97 pictured (pic1) at Gilze Rijen +
    Swedish Navy, leased for approx. 2 months mid 1997 for +
    US 9010 : USCG Hitron MH-90 Enforcer 1998-2000, pictured (pic2); +
    US N9208V : WA Developments; noted at Sywell, Northamptonshire, UK
    UK N555WA : N555wa Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Aug07
    Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Mar/Apr +
    MX XA-FAA : Mexico from 2012; Jan16 still
    Jan16, forsale McDonnell Douglas 900 1993; pictured (p+
    Sep/Dec 2016, forsale McDonnell Douglas 900 1993; pict+
    Dec16-Mar17 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 1993; locate+
    US N883ND : Dodson International Parts Inc at Rantoul, KS from Feb2+
    900/00012 1994 US N9212Z : McDonell Douglas Helicopter Service at Meza, AZ Jan95
    US N901CF : Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority at St.Jos+
    US N368PA : Gulf Inc at Kirkland, PA from May04
    National Park Service, op by ?; 08feb05 in Los Angeles +
    900/00013 US N9213P : General Electric at Dallas, TX Mar95-Feb99
    LU SX-HJP : Luxembourg Police, noted Jan01
    LU LX-HPG : Luxembourg Air Rescue, noted Feb03
    Brussels hospital St Luc
    900/00015 1995 US 9015 : USCG Hitron MH-90 Enforcer 1998-2000; back to MD
    US N9015P : MD Helicopters 2000-2001, ex USCG MH-90 Enforcer
    BE OO-NHF : Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV)
    FR OO-NHF : SAMU, op by NHV ; pictured at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage o+
    900/00017 US N9213Z : McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co, canc Aug95
    CH HB-XJF : Robert Fuchs AG Aug95-Mar11
    AT OE-XWF : Heli Austria from Apr11; Jul11 Notarzt EMS mrks
    Ambulance /Martin 4, based at Matrei / Tyrolia; w/o 01+
    900/00019 1995 US N1884B : Cashair USA Inc at East Meadow, NY Jan96-Mar01
    CH HB-ZCW : Breitling / Cashair from Mar01
    900/00021 1995 US N9021T : Georgetown Interstate Aviation at Kirkland, WA from 06s+
    US N811CM : Georgetown Interstate Aviation at Kirkland, WA 09jul96
    US N179PA : Gulf Inc at Kirkland, WA from May98
    Papillon Helicopters, op for NPS; pictured (pic2)
    US N179PA : National Park Services, op by Papillon Grand Canyon; pi+
    900/00022 1995 US N9118A : MD Helicopters
    US N900LJ : USA Aug95
    US N900LF : WPAHS AHN LifeFlight; pictured unk;
    US N922SF : Chautauqua County Sheriffs Dept at Mayville, NY from Ap+
    900/00023 1995 US N9015Y : MD Helicopters
    US N900AF : Vulcan Aircraft Inc at Seattle, WA Jul03
    AU VH-EPX : Australia, by 2017
    US N902GG : Hawcs International at Hawthorne, CA at from Sep19
    900/00024 1995 JP JA6790 : Aero Asahi from Oct07
    JP JA6790 : Doctor Heli, op by Asahi
    900/00025 1995 US N9082Z : MD Helicopters Oct95
    US N57RP : USA, to N902PB

    US N902PB : Bank Of Utah Trustee May/Jul 2011

    CA C-GHZF : Horizon Helicopters Ltd at Whitehorse, YK Aug11-Aug16

    CA C-GHZF : Airspan Helicopters Ltd at Sechelt, BC Aug16-Oct19
    US N806LB : Brim Equipment Leasing Llc at Greenwich, CT from Nov19

    900/00026 1995 US N9094T : MD Helicopters, to D-HSDD
    DE D-HSDD : HSD 1996-2010
    ES EC-LHT : Heliseco Spain 2011; Hispánica de Aviación
    UY SP-EHT : Foresbal SA Uruguay 2015
    : Apr16 in Poland
    Apr/Sep 2016 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 1996; Well+
    900/00027 1995 US N9100L : MD Helicopters
    US N977LF : Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center at Boise, ID fr+
    US N902SL : ALVAC Inc at Boise, Idaho from Aug96 (?); Air St Luke
    29nov98 take-off accident near Boise, ID
    Air St Luke pictured at St. Luke's Regional Medical Ce+
    Jan18 for sale $900.000
    US N902SL : Nevada Aircraft Corp at Henderson, NV from Apr19
    26oct19 in Redlands/Crafton area. Appears to be doing a+
    07feb20 at Yucaipa, CA
    15apr20 09:15 hrs Stallion Springs, Tehachapi, Californ+
    900/00028 JP JA6789 : Aero-Asahi from May96
    900/00029 1996 US N9125N : MD Helicopters
    DE D-HITH : ADAC 1998-2004
    DE D-HITH : HSD from 2004
    w/o crashed during take off due heavy side wind at Han+
    900/00030 1996 US N903LF : WPAHS AHN LifeFlight Sep96-Apr08, test serial N903LJ
    BE OO-CWT : VB Logistics, Belgium Feb/Mar 2012
    US N902LF : VBL Inc at Wilmington, DE from May12
    US N903LF : Oct/Nov 2016 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 1996
    900/00031 1996 US N904LF : LifeFlight, to N931SF
    US N931SF : Chautauqua County Sheriff Office, NY from Dec08; Starfl+
    900/00032 1996 US N9132N : Mc Donnell Douglas Helicopters Mar96
    KR HL9225 : Korean Air from 1996-2004
    AT D-HHTW : Knaus Helicopter 2004
    AT OE-XWH : Knaus Helicopter from 2005
    16- Berlin air show
    AT OE-XWH : Heli Austria, Notarzt (ambulance), MD902 type; 15feb1+
    900/00033 1996 US N91637 : MD Helicopters Apr96-Dec97
    DE D-HRTA : ADAC Jan/Dec 1998
    LU LX-HMD : Luxembourg Air Rescue from Jan99
    pictured (pic1) at Mertert during a medical emergency
    900/00034 1996 US N91960 : MD helicopters
    BE G-10 : 01jul96 N91960 First Security Bank NA Trustee, Salt Lak+
    14sep08 pictured at opendoor base
    900/00035 1996 US N9198R : MD Helicopters
    MX XA-MDB : Aerocentro Mexico, reser XB-KST
    MX XB-KST : Mexico
    RP RP-C900 : Asian Aerospace
    900/00036 1996 US N9198Y : MD Helicopters, to D-HMDX
    DE D-HMDX : ADAC 1997-2004
    DE D-HMDX : HSD 2004-2011
    DE D-HMDX : Air Lloyd from 2011
    900/00037 1996 US N9199X : MD Helicopters
    CH HB-XQZ : Air Glaciers Jan99-Dec99
    CH HB-XQZ : Swift Copters Dec99-Oct02
    LU LX-HMS : Police 2002-2004
    LU LX-HMS : Luxembourg Air Rescue from 2004
    900/00038 1996 US N91997 : MD Helicopters toward G-12
    BE G-12 : 29mar99 N91997 First Security Bank NA Trustee, 79 S Mai+
    30 pictured at Melsbroek hangar, base of the 101 Unite +
    Politie/Police; visit Antwerp
    4oct08 visit Antwerp
    01 Politie/Police
    visit Antwerp
    picture at Brussels for Belgium National Day
    900/00041 1996 US N9213Q : MD Helicopters Aug96
    US 9041 : USCG Hitron MH-90 Enforcer 1998-2000; back to MD
    NL N9213Q : Politie 2003
    US N902LH : MD Helicopters Oct05-Aug07; pictured (pic1)
    AE A6-JJJ : UAE Gov Aug07-Oct12, on sale from Jan11
    AT OE-XII : Heli Austria GmbH from
    pictured (pic2) at St Johann Im Pongau Heliport
    900/00042 1996 US N9201U : McDonnell Douglas
    MD from 2000
    US 9042 : USCG Hitron MH-90 Enforcer 1998-2000; rtn to MD
    NL N9201U : Politie by 2011
    US N902CH : MD Helicopters from Sep17; First Air Medical MD902 with+
    US N902CH : Lester E Cox Medical Centers at Springfield, MO from Oc+
    900/00045 1996 US N92047 : MD Helicopters toward G-11
    BE G-11 : Politie/Police; 25jun97 N92047 First Security Bank NA +
    picture at Melsbroek hangar, base of the 101 Unite Aer+
    visit Antwerp
    visit Antwerp
    visit Antwerp
    at Florennes air show
    21jul12 pictured (pic1) on National Day at Poelaert, Br+
    pictured (pic2) at Beauvechain, Belgium during Heliday+
    pictured (pic3) during Belgian Air Force Days 2018 at +
    900/00047 1997 US N92067 owner ? : from 1997 to 2001 toward D-HUAX
    DE D-HUAX : heli unionair Notarzt from 2002 to 2005 ex N92067 towar+
    AT OE-XAD : knaus Notarzt from 2005 to 2008 after hard landing in 2+
    900/00052 md902 1997 US N9224U : MD Helicopters 1st MD902
    DE D-HIBC : Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH 1999-200+
    DE D-HIBC : Polizei Baden Wurttemberg from 2003
    DE D-HIBC : pictured at Zwartberg/Genk, Belgium with new registrat+
    HU R900 : Hungarian police by Jul16
    900/00053 md902 1997 UK G-WPAS : Police Aviation Services Jul98-Sep17, test serial N9233+
    UK G-WPAS : Wiltshire Police/Ambulance, noted 2002; Wiltshire Polic+
    UK G-WPAS : Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 2013, pictured (pic1) (+
    UK G-WPAS : Video monitoring Hellenic sea borders under FRONTEX mis+
    LU LX-HSR : Luxembourg from Sep17

    rescue helicopter
    900/00055 md902 JP JA6906 : Aero Asahi from 1998, test serial N9235M
    900/00056 md902 1998 US N9234P : McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Apr/Oct 1998
    UK G-PASS : SAS / Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Oct98+
    UK G-PASS : Sussex Police, noted sep99
    UK G-KAAT : SAS / Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire from +
    at Rochester
    UK G-KAAT : Served with Kent Air Ambulance since Mar 2000
    Kent Air Ambulance, noted 2002
    14 Aug 2005. Kent Air Ambulance, made an appearance at +
    pictured, op by SAS
    900/00057 md902 1998 US N9238T : McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co, Aug98
    UK G-BXZK : Dorset Police Aug98-Jul13
    West Yorkshire Police Jul13-2014
    NPAS 2014-2016, West Yorkshire
    Retired from NPAS 2016 after working 18 year labour int+
    UK G-BXZK : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Nov16-Jul17
    UK G-BXZK : SAS Jul17-Mar18
    HU R905 : Hungarian Police from 2018
    900/00058 md902 MX MP-031 : Mexican Navy, ex N92380, reser AMHP-13?
    900/00059 md902 DE D-HPNA : Polizei; Polizei Niedersachsen Tag der Heeresflieger
    900/00060 md902 JP JA6902 : Aero Asahi from 1999, test serial N9211G
    900/00061 md902 DE D-HPNB : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial N92139; w/o Hannov+
    900/00062 md902 1998 US N3063T : First Security Bank trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar/O+
    UK G-WMID : West Midlands Police Authority Oct99-Jul07
    UK G-KSSH : Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Jul/Sep 200+
    SAS from Sep07
    in Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance colours (but not yet+
    UK G-KSSH : Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Sep07-?, op by SAS
    Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 11jan/04apr 2019, op by+
    28jun19 as /Helimed 10 in Exeter
    900/00063 md902 MX MP-032 : Mexican Navy, ex N92104, reser AMHP-134, red/white live+
    900/00064 md902 DE D-HPNC : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial N3064K
    900/00065 md902 1999 US N3065W : Firt Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar+
    UK G-SUSX : Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance / Police Jan00-May11 as+
    UK G-SUSX : South East Air Support Unit May11-Nov12; Surrey and Sus+
    West Yorkshire Police Nov12-Feb13, relocated to Redhil+
    NPAS from Feb13 as /NPAS15
    01jun13 noted flying over The Vyne, Hampshire
    HU R906 : Hungarian Police by Sep18
    900/00066 md902 MX MP-033 : Mexican Navy, ex N3266H, reser AMHP-130
    900/00067 md902 MX MP-034 : Mexican Navy, ex N3267X, reser AMHP-131, red/white live+
    900/00068 md902 2000 US N3212K : MD Helicopters Jan/Jun 2000
    UK G-EHMS : London Air Ambulance (LAA) from Jul00
    LAA pictured in brilliant first time landing straight +
    04mar16 London Air Ambulance named this helicopter Rowa+
    on new certified KCH helipad
    In use by London Air Ambulance ( LAA ) via Specialist A+
    900/00069 md902 MX MP-035 : Mexican Navy, ex N70431, reser AMHP-13?
    900/00070 md902 2000 US N7068V : MD Helicopters toward MP-036
    MX MP-036 : Mexican Navy, ex N7068V, reser AMHP-13?
    900/00071 md902 2000 US N7047K : MD helicopters toward D-HUAX
    DE D-HUAX : Heli Unionair Jul/Oct 2001, MD serial N7047K Jul01
    DE D-HIFA : Internationale-Flug-Ambulanz e.V. (IFA) from Oct01; p+
    LU D-HIFA : Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR) from 2004
    LU LX-HRC : Luxembourg Air Rescue from Feb05
    900/00073 md902 JP JA6908 : Aero-Asahi from Nov00, test serial N7046E
    JP JA6908 : Doctor Heli, op by Asahi
    900/00074 md902 2000 US N7030B : MD Helicopters, to G-76-074
    UK G-LNAA : SAS/Police Aviation Services Air Ambulance Sep00-Aug15
    UK G-LNAA : Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT) Nov00, op by Polic+
    LNAACT at Waddington
    Kent Air Ambulance
    UK G-SASR : SAS from Aug15
    Jan16 used as fleet spare by SAS
    12:50 hs on helipad Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton
    UK G-SASR : Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) by Jul18
    Wiltshire Air Ambulance, op by SAS; replace G-KSSH, pi+
    at Southampton General Hospital
    02aug19 20:15 hs landed at Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset
    10oct19 attended crash accident between cyclist bike an+
    08nov19 attended Police Station to recover casualty at +
    20nov19 15:45 hs took off from Newark on Trent Tennis C+
    Village green Datchworth, Hertfordshire
    900/00075 md902 JP JA6914 : Aero-Asahi from Aug02
    900/00077 md902 2000 US N70547 : MD Helicopters 2000
    CH HB-ZDO : Heli-Linth AG Jan01-Aug06; 12jan02 damaged at Elm
    US N451CJ : Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE
    900/00078 md902 2000 US N7038S : MD Helicopters
    UK G-YPOL : West Yorkshire Police Oct00-Apr13
    NPAS Apr13-Jul17; Bournemouth by Apr16; pictured
    UK G-YPOL : SAS Jul17-Mar18
    HU R907 : Hungarian Police from 2018
    900/00079 md902 2000 US N70279 : MD Helicopters Sep00-Jan01
    NL PH-RVD : Schreiner 2003-2004
    UK G-GNAA : Police Aviation Services Ltd Dec04-May10
    SAS Air Ambulance
    UK G-EHAA : Police Aviation Services Ltd from May10
    Herts and Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT) op by Police (Med+
    Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT) at Staverton
    UK G-EHAA : SAS at Gloucestershire Airport by
    900/00080 md902 2000 NL PH-SHF : Schreiner Northsea 2001-2005, MD helicopters serial N7+
    UK G-SASH : Police Gloucestershire Jun05-Aug06
    UK G-SASH : Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) Aug06-Sep17, pictured
    Yorkshire Air Ambulance /Helimed99 by 2012
    UK G-HDBV : Heli Delta BV at Sint Agatha, Netherlands from Sep17
    900/00081 md902 2000 US N7033K : MD Helicopters Nov/Dec 2000
    UK G-GMPS : Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMP) Jan01-Aug08 /+
    UK G-HAAT : Police Aviation Services Ltd at Staverton from ; then S+
    UK G-HAAT : Herts and Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT), op by Police Avi+
    at North Weald still Essex + Herts air ambulance tit+
    Aug19-Mar20 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2000 ; 10,11+
    900/00082 md902 2000 US N70082 : MD Helicopters Dec00-Jan01
    UK G-HPOL : Humberside Police Jan01-Sep16; /Oscar99
    UK G-HPOL : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Feb/May 2017
    UK G-HPOL : Draper Gain Aviation Ltd May17-Jan19
    17:30hs refuel stop at Ostend airport, Belgium
    US N902Z : 900-00082 Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jan19
    overflew Garwick, UK N-S at 1500 ft
    Mar/Jun 2020 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2000 - 1525+
    900/00083 md902 2000 US N902BL : MD Helicopters
    US N906AF : Vulcan Aircraft Inc at Seattle, WA
    Latium Heli Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Feb18
    900/00084 md902 2001 US N7054E : MD Helicopters, to N902PD
    US N902PD : SCPD Suffolk County Police Jul01-Mar10
    UK N902PD : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Jan/Dec +
    AT OE-XMM : Heli Austria Notarzt 2010
    pictured at St Johann Im Pongau Heliport
    900/00085 md902 2001 US N7033V : MD Helicopters, to N3PD
    US N3PD : SCPD Suffolk County Police, canc 2006
    US N3ND : Shier Aviation at San Diego, CA Jun07-Jul07
    Lake View Jets at Wilmington, DE Jul07-Nov09
    Action Aviation at Wilmington, DE Noc09-Dec10
    UK G-COTH : Police Aviation Services Ltd (SAS) from Dec10
    UK G-COTH : Trinity House from 05jan11, op by SAS
    Trinity House Lighthouse Service; pictured (pic1) at C+
    UK G-COTH : rtn Specialist Aviation Services by 2014 (?)
    at Red Bull Air race, Ascot, Berkshire
    31mar15 Lands End Cornwall
    14-16 Oct15 on board TVY Patricia 1off Holyhead
    17oct15 in Leeds
    18oct15 14hs Adwick Lane, Toll Bar, Doncaster attending+
    09may16 11.46 hs picture (pic2) landing at Wentworth P+
    at Colchester General Hospital helipad
    900/00086 md902 2001 US N7006X : MD Helicopters 2001
    HeliExpo Dallas in Dutch Politie configuration, ntu PH+
    US N902JW : Eahot Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Apr11-Apr12; pictu+
    CA C-GWXP : Ascent Helicopters from Apr12 as N902JW, reg C-GWXP Sep+
    pictured (pic2) departing Langley airport
    dropped off a casualty at Victoria General Hospital, BC
    900/00087 md902 2001 NL PH-PXB : until c 2003
    US N7037J : to N7037J with Action Aviation UK, for sale
    DE D-HPND : Polizei Niedersachsen; replaced D-HPNB c Dec 2007
    w/o 12jan10 near Elze in der Wedemark
    900/00088 md902 JP JA6911 : Aero-Asahi from Nov01
    900/00089 md902 2001 ID PK-OCR : Indonesia 2002-2007, MD helicopters serial N70089 Jul/N+
    UK G-CEMS : Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) Mar07-Sep17, pictured
    Yorkshire Air Ambulance / Helimed98 by 2012
    UK G-HDMD : Heli Delta BV at Sint Agatha, Netherlands from Sep17
    900/00090 md902 2001 US N70530 : MD Helicopters Aug/Nov 2001
    ID PK-OCS : Indonesia, to China
    CN B-7740 : Apr14 at ABACE 14, Shanghai
    RP RP-C902 : Asian Aerospace
    900/00091 md902 2001 US N411MA : Mercy Air ambulance, CA Jun01-2008. MD test serial N7+
    US N902EX : CALSTAR from Mar08
    AT OE-XLL : Heli Austria GmbH from Jun13
    900/00092 md902 2001 US N902AM : Air Methods; to N902TX
    US N902TX : From Jan08, ex N902AM; Op by CALSTAR, noted Sep09, Oct1+
    US N902TX : 17aug13 at Roseburg, Oregon
    Brim Equipment Leasing Inc at Ashland, OR Sep13-May14; +
    900/00093 md902 2001 DE D-HBWC : Polizei Baden Wurttemberg 2003-2016, ex N7003M
    HU R901 : Hungarian police 2017
    900/00094 md902 2001 US N7004T : MD Helicopters, PH-PXC ntu
    US N902PR : Helilogic Llc at Lake Tahoe, NV from Feb07
    : Nov/Dec 2014 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2001, deliv+
    RP RP-C903 : Asian Aerospace
    900/00095 md902 2001 US N70040 : MD Helicopters; PH-PXD ntu
    US N912LH : MD Helicopters at Mesa, AZ from Aug01
    900/00096 md902 2001 DE D-HBWD : Polizei Baden Wurttemberg Oct03-2016, MD Helicopters t+
    HU R902 : Hungarian Police from Oct16
    900/00097 md902 DE D-HBWE : Polizei Wurttemberg, ex N70078
    HU R903 : Hungarian Police 2017
    900/00098 md902 2001 US N70349 : MD Helicopters Oct01-Mar04
    DE D-HBWF : Polizei Baden Wurttemberg 2004-2016
    HU R904 : Hungarian Police 2017
    900/00099 md902 2001 DE D-HBWG : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg 2004; ex N70389; BUSSARD 7; w+
    900/00100 md902 JP JA6913 : Aero-Asahi from Mar02, test serial N70301
    900/00101 md902 2001 US N7031J : MD Helicopters Dec01
    US N904AF : Vulcan Aircraft Inc at Seattle, WA Feb04-Mar19
    Brim Burl at Ashland, OR Mar/Jun 2019
    Leopard Aviation Llc at Oklahoma City, OK from Jun19
    900/00102 md902 2002 US N7002S : MD Helicopters Apr/Aug 2002
    UK G-SIVR : Mandarin Aviation Aug02-Oct09
    private Oct09-Apr13
    Police Aviation Services Ltd Apr13-Feb14
    HK B-HNT : HeliServices Hong Kong from Mar14
    01jan15 in Hong Kong
    900/00103 md902 2002 US N70035 : MD Helicopters, PH-PXE ntu
    US N1811 : to N5646
    US N5646 : US Dept of Justice at Fort Worth, TX Jun06-Feb14; FBI /+
    UK G-SASO : Police Aviation Services Ltd Mar14-Jul15; SAS
    UK G-SASO : Cornwall Air Ambulance Nov14, op by SAS
    UK G-CIOS : SAS from Jul15
    UK G-CIOS : Cornwall Air Ambulance by Jan 2018, from Specialist Avi+

    900/00104 md902 2002 US N7034X : MD Helicopters May02-Jun03
    UK G-SYPS : South Yorkshire Police Jul03-May13
    NPAS May13-2015
    HU R908 : Hungarian Police by Sep18
    900/00105 md902 2002 US N902NM : Covenant Health System at Lubbock, TX Dec02-Dec09, ex +
    LU LX-HAR : Luxembourg Air Rescue, noted Apr10
    26mar17 pictured in Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium
    900/00106 md902 2002 US N70239 : CFS Air 2002-2005
    LU LX-PGA : Police 2005
    Sep19 retired
    900/00111 md902 2005 US N70124 : MD Helicopters Dec05, PH-PXG ntu, ex N7011V
    UK G-CMBS : Cambridgeshire Police Apr06-Oct12
    West Yorkshire Police from Oct12, NPAS
    NPAS 2014
    NPAS Carr Gate, West Yorkshire Police; Mar17 last Explo+
    HU R909 : Hungarian Police by Sep18
    900/00112 md902 2006 US N7012G : MD Helicopters; PH-PXH ntu; N983SC ntu
    US N9001L : reser N906SC
    US N906SC : Fifth Third Equipment Finance Co at Cincinnati, OH Feb+
    US N906SC : University of Missouri - Columbia from Dec12, pictured+
    US N900UM : Air Methods from Apr13
    US N900UM : Missouri University Health Care by 2018; MU Health Care+
    US N900UM : Apogee Finance Llc at Roanoke, TX from May20
    900/00114 md902 2003 US N7014U : MD Helicopters 2003
    US N904AA : Flight International Corp at Wilmington, DE Oct03-Dec04
    CH HB-ZDF : Laska Aviation Vaduz Dec04-Jan05
    Heli-Linth AG from Jan05; Linth Air Service AG from Feb+
    900/00115 md902 2006 US N90011 : MD Helicopters 2006
    US N90011 : Latium Helicopter Charters UK Inc Trustee at Wilmington+
    Hirecopter Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Mar12
    900/00116 md902 2006 US N9007C : MD Helicopters Aug/Dec 2006
    MX XA-UGR : Pegaso
    US N902HS : Bank of Utah Trustee Aug/Dec 2015
    HK B-HUT : HeliServices Hong Kong from Dec15
    900/00117 md902 2006 US N881LT : Md Helicopters Inc
    At Heli-Expo 2008, Houston TX, 24-26 Feb
    28feb15 at Heli-Expo 2015, Orlando, FL
    US N881LT : Ark Angeles Llc at Austin, TX from Jan17
    900/00118 md902 2007 US N9012J : MD Helicopters, to N902LC
    US N902LC : Lester E Cox Medical Centers at Springfield, MO from Ju+
    Cox Air Care; 26nov14 main rotor hit power line
    900/00119 md902 2007 BE OO-NHL : NHV, test serial N9012S
    FR OO-NHL : SAMU France, op by NHV; Equipe Medicale C.H.R.U. Lille
    900/00120 md902 2007 US N9017P : MD Helicopters 2006
    US N690BJ : Columbo Yachts Inc at Fort Lauderdale, FL Aug07-Nov10
    CR TI-BDJ : Costa Rica from Nov10
    Oct18-Mar19 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2007 ; 1,74+
    900/00121 md902 2007 US N91160 : MD Helicopters Jun07
    US N902RN : CALSTAR Sep08-Dec12
    UK G-HMDX : SAS from Dec12
    UK G-HMDX : Magpas Air Ambulance from 2013, op by SAS; pictured
    In use by Mid Anglia General Practitioner Accident Serv+
    UK G-HMDX : Apr/May 2020 Air Ambulance used in the Bournemouth, Dor+
    900/00122 md902 2007 US N9114R : MD Helicopters Jun07
    UK G-GMPX : Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Jan08-Feb13; pictured +
    Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire / NPAS+
    UK G-GMPX : SAS from Jul17
    HU R910 : Hungarian police by Sep18
    900/00123 md902 2007 US N902CS : CALSTAR 2008-2012
    UK G-KSSA : Police Aviation Serv Ldt from Dec12
    UK G-KSSA : Kent Air Ambulance
    In use by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance ( KSSAA )+
    with KSSAA at opening of Maidstone Hospital new helipa+
    900/00124 md902 2008 US N9027N : MD Helicopters, to N902FN
    US N902FN : Us Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Portland, OR Oct08-+
    UK G-CIGX : Police Aviation Services Ltd Jun/Oct 14
    UK G-CNWL : SAS from Oct14, op for Cornwall Ambulance
    UK G-CNWL : Cornwall Air Ambulance from Oct14, op by SAS
    Cornwall Air Ambulance; pictured (pic2) at London Heli+
    UK G-CNWL :

    900/00125 md902 2008 US N999GQ : MD Helicopters Jul/Aug 2008, test serial N9043L
    US N999GQ : Gulf Helicopters at Doha, Qatar Aug08-Apr09
    QA A7-NHA : Hamad Medical Corporation op by Gulf Helicopters 2008-F+
    LifeFlight, Dubai, op by Gulf Helicopters
    UK G-LNDN : London Air Ambulance from Aug15
    Feb16 London Air Ambulance named this helicopter Walter
    pictured (pic1) at RAF Northolt, Hillingdon during the+
    In use by London Air Ambulance via Specialist Aviation +
    Jan19 pictured (pic2) with LAA
    900/00126 md902 2008 US N9057R : MD Helicopters
    US N999GU : Gulf Helicopter Co at Doha, Qatar Sep08-Apr09; pictured
    QA A7-HMC : Qatar from Apr09
    900/00127 md902 2009 US N9075H : MD Helicopters; Kuwait 9K-BBD ntu
    US N9075H : Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Oct0+
    It was abandonded at OBBI, it's for sale
    900/00128 md902 2008 US N4006S : MD helicopters Jun08-Jul14
    RU RA-07151 : Russia from Aug14
    900/00129 md902 US N4008R : MD helicopters, to OO-NHA
    BE OO-NHA : NHV from Dec08
    FR OO-NHA : SAMU, op by NHV; from Jan09 as SAMU 62 (arras)

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