Bell 412
united kingdom Bristow

1984 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    36144 412ep 1996     G-BWZR: Bristow Dec96-Apr97, to Mod; tmp back to G-BWZR Aug97
Royal Air Force ZJ234: Griffin HT.1 dd Apr 1997, ex C-FZLM, ex G-BWZR de-reg +

29jun02 pictured at Waddington airbase

DHFS / 60(R)Sq /S, noted visiting Northolt, 1 Jul 2009.
    36151 412ep 1996     G-BXBF: Bristow Helicopters From Jan97, for RAF
Royal Air Force ZJ235: RAF Griffin HT.1; 2003 60Sqn./I

Jan13 60Sqn./I

Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZJ235: Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS); 19jul15 pictur+
    36095 412ep 1996     G-BXDK: Bristow; ex XA-SYM; to MoD ZJ242
SACSA XA-SYM: SACSA; 1996 Bell serial N2291Q; to G-BXDK

Royal Air Force ZJ242: RAF Griffin HT1 type; ex G-BXDK; 20jul11 pictured as /E+

Jan13 60Sqn./E
    36156 412ep 1997     G-BXFF: Bristow/FBS Ltd Apr/Jul 1997
Royal Air Force ZJ237: RAF Griffin HT1 type from Aug97

Jan13 60Sqn./T
    36125 412ep 1996     G-BXFH: ex N6282C, to C-FZXD, reg G-BXFH Apr 1997. To UK RAF as ZJ2+
Royal Air Force ZJ239: 24+25jul99 SARTU./R Fairford air show

SARTU / R by Oct 1999

RAF; ex G-BXFH Bristow Helicopters; d/d 20jan97 as Grif+
    36162 412ep 1997     G-BXHC: Bristow May/Aug 1997, to MoD
Royal Air Force ZJ238: RAF Griffin HT1 type. ex G-BXHC

24+25jul99 60Sqn./Y Fairford air show

Jan13 60Sqn./Y

24jul13 pictured as /Y at RNAS Culdrose
    36163 412ep 1997     G-BXIR: Bristow Jun/Oct 1997, test serial C-GAIE
Royal Air Force ZJ240: RAF Griffin HT.1 dd 5 Oct 1997

SARTU / U by Oct 1999

26jun15 pictured at Semmerzake ATCC Open Door, Belgium
    36164 412ep 1997     G-BXIS: Bristow Jun/Nov 1997
Royal Air Force ZJ241: RAF Griffin HT.1 from Nov 1997

SARTU / L by Oct 1999

May 2012 visit to Oxford / Kidlington to participate in+

Jan13 maintenance

2016 202Sq (R) /L

w/o 09aug16 Fire on board, Forced landing in Snowdonia,+
    36296 412ep 2002     G-CBST: Bristow Jun/Nov 2002
FB Heliservices G-CBST: FB Leasing Nov02-Jun03, for RAF

Royal Air Force ZJ703: RAF Griffin HAR.2 supplied under COMAR at RAF Akrotiri +

Jun09 asg 60(R)Sqn

03dec09 pictured (pic1) at RAF Northolt

28sep11 pictured (pic2) at Duxford for Helitech 2011

Aug12 based at RAF Valley, North Wales

Jan13 SARTU./3
    36301 412ep 2002     G-CBVP: Bristow Sep/Nov 2002, test serial C-GLYY
FB Heliservices G-CBVP: FB Leasing Nov02-May03, to MoD

Royal Air Force ZJ708: RAF Griffin HT.1; 2003 60Sqn./K

DHFS; 16jul06 pictured (top) at RAF Fairford during RIA+

DHFS / 60(R)Sq /K, noted visiting Northolt, 1 Jul 2009.

11jul14 pictured (bot) as 60 Sqn /K at RIAT 2014
    36306 412ep 2002     G-CBXL: Bristow Helicopters Nov02-Jan03
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUP: Bell Canada 2002

FB Heliservices G-CBXL: FB Leasing Jan/Jun 2003

Royal Air Force ZJ705: RAF Griffin HAR.2 from Jun03; 84Sqn /5 (Hearts) at RA+
    36433 412ep 2007     G-OIBU: Bristow Jul07-Apr09
Bristow US Llc N6587U: Bristow US Jun/Jul 2007, test serial C-FMQI

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BML: Bristow Nigeria from May09
    33172 412sp 1988     G-SPBA: Bristow Oct88-Jan90, test serial N32072
- 9M-SSP: Malaysia

- N63385: V G L Texas at Fort Worth, TX Jul99-Mar00

Global Vectra Helicorp VT-AZD: Global Vectra from Jan06

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