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japan Doctor-Heli

2000 to present

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BK117C-2 Medevac Delivered to Central Helicopter Service, 03-Sep-14 : Kawasaki Heavy Industries announced that it has delivered a BK117C-2 (EC145) helicopter to Central Helicopter Service

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

1130 bk117c-1     JA005W: Doctor Heli
1079 bk117b-1     JA6659: Doctor-Heli, op by Central-Heli, Bk117C1- type
Central Helicopter Service JA6659: Central Helicopter Service from Oct07
1081 bk117b-1     JA6667: Doctor-Heli, op by Nishi
Nishi Nippon Airlines JA6667: Nishi Nippon Airliners, B-2 type
4002 bk117c-2     JA6910: Kawasaki Bk.117C2; Doctor Heli
4014 bk117c-2     JA6923: Doctor Heli
Central Helicopter Service JA6923: Central-Heli from Nov09, op by Central-Heli
4015 bk117c-2     JA6924: Doctor-Heli
Aero Asahi Corporation JA6924: Aero Asahi d/d May10;
4021 bk117c-2     JA6927: Doctor Heli, op by Central-Heli
Central Helicopter Service JA6927: Central Heli from May11