Del'd: 3 - 2006 to present

Used from training by the Forsvarsmakten

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180 206a 1968     SE-HGH: xfer Ostermans Aero AB, Sweden as SE-HGH, unk; w/o 17May77
- EI-ASW: Bell 206A cn180 ff:1968; del Ireland as EI-ASW, unk

- G-BADS: xfer UK as G-BADS, unk
2544 206b-3 1978     SE-HIM: mfg 1978; del Ostermans Aero AB as SE-HIM, Mar79
Swedish National Police SE-HIM: lsd Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HIM / 8 0949, Aug7+
1593 206b-2 1975     SE-HON: Osterman from 1988 to 1994 ex N90132 toward 06593
- N90132: toward SE-HON

swedish air force 06593: SVF type:Hkp6 from 1994 RFN (Vidsel); 31dec97 toward SA+

Swedish Armed Forces 06593: SAF from 1jan98; wfu 2004
1005 206b-2 1973     SE-HPH: del Ostermans Aero AB as SE-HPH, Jul73
Swedish National Police SE-HPH: lsd Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HPH / 8 0947, 1973+
1007 206b-2 1973     SE-HPI: del Ostermans Aero AB as SE-HPI, Jul73
Swedish National Police SE-HPI: lsd Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HPI, 1973

- OH-HAC: xfer Helikopteripalvelu, Finland as OH-HAC, Oct83
1091 206b-2 1973     SE-HPK: Ostermans Aero AB Sep73
Swedish National Police SE-HPK: lsd Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HPK / 8 0946, 1973+
2545 206b-3 1978     SE-JIP: Osterman Helicopter from 2006; 03jun12 pictured at Linkoping+
Bell Helicopter N18096: Bell Helicopter 1978

- G-WOSP: 1978-81 Western Air, Scotland; 1981-84 Burnthills Plant+

heliswiss iberica sa EC-GCN: Heliswiss Iberica May95, ex EC-938

- N815PC: private at Henderson, NV Apr16-May17

- N206JT: Private at Birch Run, MI from May17
3555 206b-3 1981     SE-JKD: Osterman Helicopter from 2007; 03jun12 pictured at Linkoping+
- JA9310: 2007 to Pacific Aicraft Trading as N565M
3797 206b-3 1984     SE-JKP: Osterman Helicopter from 2007; 03jun12 pictured at Linkoping+
National Police Agency JA9388: Hyogo Prefectural Police Dec96-May06

- SE-JKP: Heliair Sweden; w/o 09jan14 during power lines control