Del'd: 2 - 2017 to present

Developing Assets (UK) Ltd Sea King HU.5

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2017/    HeliOperations Portland Heliport

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wa 654 1970     XV666: hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting by Jun+
Royal Navy XV666: RN HAS.1 f/f 23jun70, d/d 02jul70

02Jul70 delivered to NASU RNAS Culdrose; 14Aug70 of 826+

Displayed at SBAC Farnborough Air Show sep70 when HAS.2+

Sep70 826Sq/144-E still Sep 1972; Aug78 Conv HAS.2A, +

13Nov78 noted on RFA Fort Grange coded FG.343 of 824Squ+

1986 Conv HAS.5 Fleetlands /598

25Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose NASU uncoded; 09Mar87 to 8+

17jul88 pictured (pic1) as 814Sqn /(2)72 HMS Illustriou+

Jul89-Sep91, I was Senior Pilot on 771 NAS (SAR) and XV+

22feb93 HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-823

1994 HU.5U type 771Sqn /CU-823

16Nov94 noted RNAS Portland coded CU.823 of 771Squadron+

2003 Conv HU.5U 771Sq /823 still 2004; Nov05 771Sq /8+

Fleetlands by Jul 2009; 771Sq /821 by Nov 2009

23jun12 pictured (pic2) as HU.5 type /CU-21 at RNAS Yeo+

771 Sq/821-CU, stencilled Boscastle Floods on sponsons +

31Jul14 with 771 NAS / 821, pictured (pic3) leaving RNA+

Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)21 decommissioned; 11Apr16 last +

stored Gosport
wa 899 1982     ZA166: hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting by Jun1+
Royal Navy ZA166: RN HAS5 f/f 04mar82 d/d 01apr82

To NASU Culdrose May 1982; 824 Sq B Flt / 352 by Jul 19+

17jan85 as 820Sq /010-N. Squadron visit to Yeovilton

706 Sq / 590-R by Oct 1986, Fleetlands by Jul 1988 back+

1991 HAS5 type grey cammo

1996 HAS.5 type 706Sqn /81

706 Sq / 581 by Dec 1995; 810 Sq A Flt / 511 by Dec 199+

2001 HU.5U type 849Sqn /CU-189

2004 HU5 type 771Sqd /CU-828; Aug07 pictured (pic1) as +

26nov14 pictured (pic2) as /CU-816 at RNAS Culdrose

05mar15 pictured (pic3) at RAF Northolt during Nightsho+

Dec15 wfu, str at Gosport

25jul17 at Fleetlands

03aug17 back at RNAS Culdrose depth prior moving to Por+

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