Aerospatiale SA330 Puma
spain Ejercito del Aire

Spanish Air Force

Del'd: 9 - 1973 to present

Ejercito del Aire SA330 Puma

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1994/    Escuadron 801 Son San Juan
1975/89Escuadron 402 Cuatro Vientos

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1254 sa330l     HD.19-03: ex HT.19-3 escuadron 801; 01oct10 pictured at Barcelona duri+
    1334 sa330l     HD.19-04: ex HT.19-4
    1386 sa330j     HD.19-05: EdA as Z.19-5 / EC-STR; reser HT.19-5; reser HD.19-5
    1567 sa330j     HD.19-06: HT.19-6. escuadron 801. w/o 05feb06
    1602 sa330j     HD.19-07: ex HT.19-7
    1307 sa330j     HD.19-08: EdA from 2008
Aerospatiale F-WTNS: Aerospatiale SA330G, to LN-ORC

- LN-ORC: Norway, Offshore, to F-ODEF

. F-ODEF: France, to F-GBTF

Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PT-HPT

. PT-HPT: Brazil, rtn to F-GBTF

Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PT-HSM

. PT-HSM: Brazil, rtn to F-GBTF

Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to HC-BNP

. HC-BNP: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBTF

Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to HC-BPJ

. HC-BPJ: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBTF

Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PR-CDC

Helivia Aero Taxi PR-CDC: HELIVIA Aero Taxi Brazil from 2006, to F-WQVT

Eurocopter France F-WQVT: Eurocopter France, to EC-JRO

Helicsa EC-JRO: Helicsa Helicopteros, to Helisureste

INAER EC-JRO: Helisureste, to HD.19-08
    1583 sa330j     HD.19-09: EdA d/d 2008
Aerospatiale F-WXFM: Aerospatiale, to PH-SSB

schreiner airways PH-SSB: Schreiner 1979-Mar81

- PK-TRF: Indonesia Mar81-Sep82

schreiner airways PH-SSB: Scheiner Sep82-1986

Jayrow Helicopters PH-SSB: Jayrow Offshore 1986

schreiner airways PH-SSB: Scheiner 1986-Mar88

Elitos I-EHPJ: Elitos Mar88-Sep93

Heli-Union F-GHYR: Heli Union Sep93-?

- LX-HUL: Luxembourg, unk to PTHAA

- PT-HAA: Helitrans Taxi Aero Ltda, Brazil, noted 1996

- LX-HUL: Luxembourg ?-Mar02

Heli-Union F-GINQ: Heli Union Mar02-Nov05

Heli-Europe EC-JLK: Heli Europa Nov05-Dec08

INAER EC-JLK: INAER ?-Dec08, for Xunta de Galicia

Local Government EC-JLK: Xunta de Galicia, op by INAER 2007-2008 ?
    1230 sa330c     HT.19-1: EdA 402-01. EC-STH. Escuadron 402. w/o 02mar89
    1245 sa330c     Z.19-2: EdA, test serial EC-STI; w/o 09jun75 803Esc at Zaragoza. 5+

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