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  • Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 212

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    30878 1978     5N-AJL: w/o 30jun98 Inbound to Aker base, crashed at the mouth of ri+
    British Airways Helicopters G-BFJG: BAH 8-19 Sep78

    Irish Helicopters EI-BFH: Irish Helicopters, to Nigeria
    30548 1972     5N-AJX: Bristow Nigeria, to Trinidad and Tobago
    Bristow Bermuda VR-BEJ: Bristow Bermuda, test serial N2956W

    Bristow Bermuda, to Nigeria

    Bristow Helicopters Iran EP-HBZ: Iran, lsd from Bristow

    Bristow G-BGLJ: Bristow Jan/Jun 1993, to Bermuda

    Bristow Mar/Jun 1996

    Bristow Sep96-May99

    Bristow Feb03-Oct04, lsd to UK MoD

    Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TIJ: Bristow Caribbean, rtn to UK

    - EC-295: Spain Jun/Sep 1996

    TAF Helicopters EC-HCZ: Spain May99-2003; TAF Helicopters, noted Jul00

    FB Heliservices G-BGLJ: FB Leasing Dec04-Oct07

    British Army ZJ969: AAC; 2011 25Flt

    25 Flt/K in Kenya, Mar 2013.
    31171 1980     5N-ALT: Bristow Nigeria 1981-2002
    - 9V-BMH: Bristow Singapore 1980, to G-BJGV

    Bristow G-BJGV: Bristow Sep/Oct 1981

    Bristow Aug02-Dec03, to AAC

    British Army ZJ964: AAC; 04dec03 left Redhill for Belize by ship; 25 Flt +

    pictured as /D at RAF Northolt

    seen at Laikipia / Nanyuki airfield in Kenya

    at AAC Middle Wallop, in all white colour scheme

    FB Heliservices G-BJGV: FB Heliservices from Jan16
    30544 1972     5N-AOE: Bristow Nigeria ??-Nov92
    Bristow Bermuda VR-BEI: Bristow Bermuda 1972-1979, test serial N2997W

    Bristow Bermuda Nov79-??

    Bristow G-BHDL: Bristow Helicopters Sep/Oct 1979, rtn to Bermuda

    Bristow Dec92-May93

    Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TIG: Bristow Caribbean 1993-2006

    Eagle Copters C-FLBF: Eagle Copters Sep06-Feb09

    Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1906-P: Servicio Aereo de los Andes from 2009

    Eagle Copters C-GLYP: Eagle Copters Mar/Aug 2018

    Great Slave Helicopters C-GLYP: GSH Sep18-Jan19

    Eagle Copters C-GLYP: Eagle Copters Jan19-Apr20

    - N530NC: Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM from Apr20
    31200 1981     5N-AOF: Bristow Nigeria 1988-2007
    Bell Helicopter N18093: Bell 1981

    Bristow G-BJIU: Bristow 1981-1988

    Infocam EC-KCS: Infocam from Jun07
    30600 1975     5N-AQW: Bristow Nigeria from Apr90; w/o unk
    Bristow Malaysia 9M-ATB: Bristow Malaysia, to VR-BGB

    Bristow Bermuda VR-BGB: Bristow Bermuda, to EP-HBW

    Bristow Bermuda, to PK-HCI

    - EP-HBW: Iran, to G-BGLL

    Bristow G-BGLL: Air And Ocean Aids Ltd Mar/May 1979

    Bristow Helicopters Jul88-Apr90

    - PK-HCI: Indonesia, reser ,P2-PHJ

    - P2-PHJ: Papua New Guinea, Bristow; 1987 pictured with team barg+
    30787 1976     5N-AXX: Bristow Nigeria 1992-2007
    Republic of Singapore Air Force 211: RSAF d/d 1977; Jun89 to UK

    - G-BRDY: RCR Aviation Jun/Aug 1989

    - N2118X: Insured Aircraft Nov89-Jun90

    Bristow G-BSOA: Bristow Jun90-Jan91

    Eagle Copters C-FNOU: Eagle Copters May07-Jul08

    Great Slave Helicopters C-FNOU: Great Slave Helicopters Jul08-Dec10

    Great Slave Helicopters from Apr11; Sahtu Helicopters

    VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNOU: VIH Helicopters Dec10-Apr11
    30599 1974     5N-AYX: Bristow Nigeria
    - N12MT: USA N12MT, N12MY

    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSJ: NSCA

    - N212NK: USA, to 5N-AYX

    Eagle Copters C-FNPG: Eagle Copters May07-May08

    - C-FNPG: Resource Helicopters Ltd at Langley, BC Jun08

    Sequoia Helicopters Ltd at Abbotsford, BC Jun08-Jul09

    Hydra Helicopters Inc at Abbotsford, BC Jul09-May17

    - N212NB: FTS Aero Llc at Cisco, TX Jun17-Jan20; Cisco Aero Llc a+
    30681 1975     5N-BEN: Bristow Nigeria 1997-?
    Bristow Bermuda VR-BFO: Bristow Bermuda 1975-1988, test serial N18091

    Bristow G-BOEP: Bristow Jan88-Oct89

    Bristow Australia VH-BEU: Bristow Australia Oct89-Oct96

    Bristow G-BOEP: Bristow Oct/Dec 1996

    - EC-KCN: Spain by 2007; 2010 still
    32134 1980     5N-BHM: Bristow Nigeria Dec92-Jun03
    Bristow G-BJJO: Bristow Nov81-Aug88

    Bristow Jul/Aug 2003, to AAC

    British Executive Air Services G-BJJO: BEAS Aug88-Nov92

    British Army ZJ966: AAC; asg 25 Flt in Belize

    25 Flt /C in Belize until Aug11; 25 Flt /C in Kenya by+

    May12 flying over London daily

    at at Laikipia / Nanyuki, Kenya

    FB Heliservices G-BJJO: FB Heliservices from Dec15
    30866 1978     5N-BHO: Bristow , to C-FNOS
    Bristow US N16930: Bristow Jun78-Mar83, to N125BH

    - VR-BIC: Brunei, ex N125BH, to VH-BHO

    Bristow Australia VH-BHO: Bristow, to G-BLDY

    Bristow G-BLDY: Bristow 1984-1992, to 5N-BHO

    Eagle Copters C-FNOS: Eagle Copter, conv Bell 212HP; to Hydra Helicopters, no+

    Heli Protection LX-HJC: Luxembourg Heli protection 2007

    - VH-CVX: ?

    - PK-IWU: at Rockhampton, Australia

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