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  • McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer
    united kingdom UK Police Forces

    1998 to 2017

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    900/00057 md902 1998     G-BXZK: Dorset Police Aug98-Jul13
    mcdonnell douglas N9238T: McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co, Aug98

    Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-BXZK: Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Nov16-Jul17

    Specialist Aviation Services G-BXZK: SAS Jul17-Mar18

    Hungarian Police R905: Hungarian Police from 2018
    900/00111 md902 2005     G-CMBS: Cambridgeshire Police Apr06-Oct12
    MD Helicopters N70124: MD Helicopters Dec05, PH-PXG ntu, ex N7011V

    Hungarian Police R909: Hungarian Police by Sep18
    900/00081 md902 2000     G-GMPS: Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMP) Jan01-Aug08 /India+
    MD Helicopters N7033K: MD Helicopters Nov/Dec 2000

    Specialist Aviation Services G-HAAT: Police Aviation Services Ltd at Staverton from ; then S+

    UK Air Ambulances G-HAAT: Herts and Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT), op by Police Avi+

    at North Weald still Essex + Herts air ambulance tit+

    Aug19-Mar20 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2000 ; 10,11+
    900/00122 md902 2007     G-GMPX: Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Jan08-Feb13; pictured at He+
    MD Helicopters N9114R: MD Helicopters Jun07

    Specialist Aviation Services G-GMPX: SAS from Jul17

    Hungarian Police R910: Hungarian police by Sep18
    900/00082 md902 2000     G-HPOL: Humberside Police Jan01-Sep16; /Oscar99
    MD Helicopters N70082: MD Helicopters Dec00-Jan01

    Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-HPOL: Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Feb/May 2017

    - G-HPOL: Draper Gain Aviation Ltd May17-Jan19

    17:30hs refuel stop at Ostend airport, Belgium

    - N902Z: 900-00082 Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jan19

    overflew Garwick, UK N-S at 1500 ft

    Mar/Jun 2020 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2000 - 1525+
    900/00123 md902 2007     G-KSSA: Police Aviation Serv Ldt from Dec12
    State of California N902CS: CALSTAR 2008-2012

    UK Air Ambulances G-KSSA: Kent Air Ambulance

    In use by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance ( KSSAA )+

    with KSSAA at opening of Maidstone Hospital new helipa+

    pictured (pic1) on Esher Common, Surrey; KSSAA Helimed+
    900/00056 md902 1998     G-PASS: Sussex Police, noted sep99
    MD Helicopters N9234P: McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Apr/Oct 1998

    Specialist Aviation Services G-PASS: SAS / Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Oct98+

    Specialist Aviation Services G-KAAT: SAS / Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire from +

    at Rochester

    UK Air Ambulances G-KAAT: Served with Kent Air Ambulance since Mar 2000

    Kent Air Ambulance, noted 2002

    14 Aug 2005. Kent Air Ambulance, made an appearance at +

    pictured, op by SAS
    900/00080 md902 2000     G-SASH: Police Gloucestershire Jun05-Aug06
    Schreiner Airways PH-SHF: Schreiner Northsea 2001-2005, MD helicopters serial N7+

    UK Air Ambulances G-SASH: Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) Aug06-Sep17, pictured

    Yorkshire Air Ambulance /Helimed99 by 2012

    - G-HDBV: Heli Delta BV at Sint Agatha, Netherlands from Sep17
    900/00065 md902 1999     G-SUSX: South East Air Support Unit May11-Nov12; Surrey and Sussex P+
    - N3065W: Firt Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar+

    UK Air Ambulances G-SUSX: Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance / Police Jan00-May11 as+

    Hungarian Police R906: Hungarian Police by Sep18
    900/00104 md902 2002     G-SYPS: South Yorkshire Police Jul03-May13
    MD Helicopters N7034X: MD Helicopters May02-Jun03

    Hungarian Police R908: Hungarian Police by Sep18
    900/00062 md902 1998     G-WMID: West Midlands Police Authority Oct99-Jul07
    - N3063T: First Security Bank trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar/O+

    Specialist Aviation Services G-KSSH: Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Jul/Sep 200+

    SAS from Sep07

    in Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance colours (but not yet+

    UK Air Ambulances G-KSSH: Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Sep07-?, op by SAS

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 11jan/04apr 2019, op by+

    28jun19 as /Helimed 10 in Exeter
    900/00053 md902 1997     G-WPAS: Wiltshire Police/Ambulance, noted 2002; Wiltshire Police, no+
    Specialist Aviation Services G-WPAS: Police Aviation Services Jul98-Sep17, test serial N9233+

    UK Air Ambulances G-WPAS: Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 2013, pictured (pic1) (+

    Specialist Aviation Services G-WPAS: Video monitoring Hellenic sea borders under FRONTEX mis+

    Luxembourg Air rescue LX-HSR: Luxembourg from Sep17

    rescue helicopter
    900/00078 md902 2000     G-YPOL: West Yorkshire Police Oct00-Apr13
    MD Helicopters N7038S: MD Helicopters

    Specialist Aviation Services G-YPOL: SAS Jul17-Mar18

    Hungarian Police R907: Hungarian Police from 2018

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