Westland Wasp
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

Del'd: 98 - 1963 to 1986

Photos of Westland Wasp in Fleet Air Arm

Westland Wasp


07apr07 pictured at Predannack

Westland Wasp


16jun13 pictured preserved as /434-E HMS Endurance in the Sea and Air building at Imperial War Museum, Duxford

Westland Wasp


06aug06 pictured as instructional aircraft at HMS Sultan/Gosport

Westland Wasp


Aug79 pictured as /BR-452 829 Sq, 034 Flight on HMS Brighton (F106) during Plymouth Navy day

Westland Wasp


17Sep05 pictured (pic2) at RNAS Yeovilton. Fleet Air Arm Museum exhibit in 829 Sq HQ Flt marks.

Westland Wasp


24jul93 pictured preserved as XS463 at International Helicopter Museum (IHM), Weston-Super-Mare

Westland Wasp


04aug87 pictured as 829 Sqd /609 at RNAS Portland. XT783 /470 on background

Westland Wasp


31dec97 pictured (top) as 829 Sqd /430 HMS Achilles (F12) at RNAS Portland as Gate Guard just before the base was closed

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