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  • bosnia herzegovina UNPROFOR


    21-mar-92    to    20-dec-95

    nov92 845 Sqn. deployed 20dec95 continues as IFOR
    UNPROFOR is the precursor of IFOR


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
        UK 7 Squadron Royal Air Force CH-47C Chinook
    414 - H-47D Chinook
        UK 33 Squadron Royal Air Force SA330 Puma
        UK 661 Squadron Army Air Corps SA341B Gazelle AH.1
        UK 662 Squadron Army Air Corps Lynx
    SA341B Gazelle AH.1
        nov92 to 20dec95 UK 845 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King HC.4
        jan93 to jul93 UK 849 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King
        jul95 to dec95 UK 849 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King
    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Westland Sea King HC.4 ZA291     ZA293     ZA299     ZD478     ZD480     ZE426     ZE428     ZF117    
    Westland Sea King HAS.1 XV649     XV650     XV672    
    Westland Sea King HAS.6 ZG819    


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    Aircraft Carrier V STOL  Invincible class   Royal Navy R05 HMS Invincible, Royal Navy R06 HMS Illustrious, Royal Navy R07 HMS Ark Royal,
    Helicopter Carrier  Argus class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A135 RFA Argus,
    Frigate  Kortenaer class   Royal Netherlands Navy F816 Hr.Ms. Abraham Crijnssen, Royal Netherlands Navy F825 Hr.Ms. Jan van Brakel,
    Frigate  Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class   Royal Navy F88 HMS Broadsword, Royal Navy F90 HMS Brilliant,
    Support Ship  OL class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A122 RFA Olwen,
    Support Ship  Regent class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A480 RFA Resource,
    Support Ship  Fort I class (1978)   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A385 RFA Fort Grange,

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