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    Eurocopter Germany
    Part of Eurocopter

    List of Aircraft

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    335 historical entries from this organisation found. Browse models for details

    Organisation Construction Numbers
    10AH H145 / EC145T2
    1AH EC135/H135 EC135T2+
    1AH EC135/H135 H135 / EC135T3
    4EC EC135
    9EC EC135 EC135T2
    39EC EC135 EC135T2+
    33EC EC135 EC135P2+
    12EC EC135 EC135P1
    13EC EC135 EC135P2
    9EC EC135 EC635P2+
    28EC EC135 EC135T1
    2EC EC135 EC635VIP
    2EC Tiger / Tigre
    7EC Tiger / Tigre UH Tiger
    9EC Bk117 BK117C-1
    2EC Super Puma/Cougar EC225LP
    80EC EC145
    1EC EC145 EC145 Stylence
    1EC EC145 EC145 MB
    2EC EC145 UH-72A Lakota
    1EC EC120 EC120B
    2EC AS365 Dauphin 2 EC155B
    1EC AS365 Dauphin 2 EC155B1
    7MBB Bo105 Bo105M
    5MBB Bo105 Bo105CBS-4
    1MBB Bo105 Bo105A
    5MBB Bo105 Bo105CBS-5
    2MBB Bo105 Bo105CBS-2
    3MBB Bk117 Bk117A-3
    2MBB Bk117 Bk117B-1
    1MBB Bk117 Bk117B-2
    5NHI NH90 NH90 TTH
    1NHI NH90 NH90 NFH

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