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    • Heli Aviation GmbH
    • Heli Aviation GmbH

    Established 2009, from former Rainbow Helicopters. Headquartered in Augsburg provides off- and on-shore aerial work, Medical transport (HEMS) and maintenance services. They also have a training academy and the subsidiary Northern Helicopter GmbH

    On April 2016 acquired by Babcock International Group and rebrand to Babcock MCS Germany


    Heli Aviation takes delivery of its eigth Cabri G2, 07-Feb-14 : Today with the D-HAVI lands Cabri number eight at Heli Aviation in Augsburg. By expanding its helicopter fleet again, Heli Aviation GmbH is consolidating its existing company world record with respect to the Cabri G2 helicopter.

    Model Types

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      Guimbal Cabri G22010

    List of Aircraft

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    AS350B3 Ecureuil 3950 2005D-HAVA : Heli Aviation GmbH, Oct09
    Cabri G2 1009 D-HAVB : Heli Aviation, to ZK-IIH
    Cabri G2 1015 D-HAVC : Heli Aviation from Nov10
    : dmg during training at Augsburg
    Cabri G2 1041 D-HAVG : Heli Aviation GmbH; w/o loose transmission belt 1.5m E Egelsbach ...
    Cabri G2 1038 D-HAVH : Heli Aviation
    Cabri G2 1061 D-HAVI : Heli Aviation d/d 02feb14, their 8th Cabri
    EC155B 6586 D-HAVV : Heli Aviation GmbH Jun/Oct 2016
    EC155B 6581 2001D-HAVX : Heli Aviation GmbH Mar/Oct 2016; ICRC titles
    : Babcock MCS Germany from Oct16
    : Dec17-Aug19 for sale Eurocopter EC 155B 2001; No Damage History, ...
    EC155B 6557 2000D-HAVY : Heli Aviation from Aug13; Babcock Germany by Apr19
    AS365N2 Dauphin 2 6478 D-HAVZ : Heli Aviation GmbH Sep13-Oct16
    : Babcock MCS Germany at Augsburg from
    Bo105A 0011 1971D-HBGS : Heli Aviation from 2009 type:CBS-5
    Cabri G2 1026 2011D-HDMB : Heli Aviation
    AS350B Ecureuil 1322 D-HFEM : Heli-Aviation, conv 350B2; Aug08 pictured at Nurburgring
    Bo105CBS-2 0456 1979D-HNWE : Heli Aviation from 2009
    Cabri G2 1019 D-HTOY : Heli Aviation
    Bo105CBS-4 0883 1992D-HUBE : European Flight Service GmbH Mar09
    : Heli Aviation GmbH Jul09
    : Heli Aviation GmbH 2010 as cbs-5 type

    16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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