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    lord corp

    Established 1924, LORD Corporation designs, manufactures and markets mechanical devices and electromechanical systems to control vibration, motion and noise. Is a diversified technology and manufacturing company developing adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies. Headquartered in Cary, NC

    Elastomeric components

    Elastomeric components are comprised of bonded-rubber elastomeric elements that are specially designed to eliminate certain types of vibration. Compared to coiled metal springs, elastomeric elements allow components to be easily configured in different sizes and shapes, and can be readily integrated into various helicopter designs. Elastomeric parts are multi-directional, simple, lightweight, reliable, and can be designed into a system at a moderate cost compared to more complex methods. They also offer the advantage of an extremely long operating life. The service life of some isolators can be from 5,000 to 10,000 flight hours.

    These components are generally maintained through visual inspection, and it is essential for the mechanic to understand how these parts operate, the causes and effects of degradation, and the best maintenance practices. A typical helicopter will have several elastomeric components including a pitch-restraint spring, main rotor lead lag damper, main rotor spindle bearing, main rotor CF bearing, tail rotor bearing, corner Pylon isolator, instrument panel isolator, main rotor hub Frahm damper, rotor head assembly, and tail-light isolator. All of these parts must be periodically inspected and maintained to guarantee a safe, vibration-free ride.

    The elastomeric parts found on a helicopter include bearings, isolators and dampers.

    - Elastomeric bearings are composed of natural or synthetic rubber bonded to metal devices that accommodate dynamic motions. They are limited to oscillatory motions from 10 to 90 degrees or up to within 1 inch.
    - Elastomeric dampers attenuate dynamic motions, most often in the rotor, and can be used with or without special fluids. They offer additional force for a given dynamic motion and provide consistent performance with a wide range of temperatures and dynamic motions.
    - Elastomeric isolators are installed in a load path to minimize the transmission of dynamic loads or motions. They provide optimal isolation of vibration at important vibration frequencies.


    PAG to Support LORD Elastomeric Components, 01-Mar-19 : #elastomeric Precision Aviation Group, a worldwide aerospace and defense industry provider, entered into a strategic partnership to promote and support current and next generation LORD elastomeric helicopter components

    LORD Corp Becomes a $1 Billion Company, 09-Jan-19 : #billion LORD Corporation, a global diversified technology and manufacturing company, achieves financial milestone in 2018 with $1 billion in sales

    AAR Gets LORD’ 2018 “Distributor of the Year Award”, 13-Dec-18 : #supplier Aviation Services Provider AAR’ OEM Solutions Government branch received the 2018 “Distributor of the Year” award from LORD Corp.

    22-Aug-18 - Bell 412HP/EP Enhanced Main Driveshaft Transmission #Bell412
    02-May-18 - Embedded Inertial Sensors by LORD Corp
    04-Apr-18 - Wireless Shock and Vibration Sensor
    04-Apr-18 - New Offshore Technology by LORD Corp
    03-Apr-18 - LORD Distribution Agreement in Australia
    13-Feb-18 - Fly-by-Wire Systems France (FbW) Rebrands to LORD
    27-Sep-17 - LORD Corp New Aerospace Centre In France
    25-Oct-16 - LORD Delivers First IVCS for CH-47F Chinook
    12-Oct-16 - Tail Skid Weight for Bell 206
    06-Sep-16 - New Vibration Control System for CH-47 Chinook
    21-Jun-16 - First Elastomeric Rotor Bearings for Bell V-280
    15-Jun-16 - LORD AVSC Selected for Korean LCH Helicopter
    19-Nov-15 - AOG Heliservices Partners with LORD Corporation
    14-Sep-15 - LORD Corp in Partner Alliance with Aero Products
    21-Aug-15 - LORD Warranty for Bell 412 Operators
    04-Mar-15 - LORD Active Vibration Control System for Medevac Surion Heli-Expo 2015
    06-May-14 - McDermott Aviation Relies on LORD
    08-Apr-14 - LORD Improved Vibration Control System for CH-47
    25-Mar-14 - LORD offers re-bond repair for Bell 412 Spindle Bearing
    24-Feb-14 - LORD Active Vibration Control System for Bell 525 Heli-Expo 2014
    07-Feb-14 - LORD to Manufacture Bell V-280 Components
    01-May-12 - LORD vibration control system for the EC130T2

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