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Model Types

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  Kaman K-MAX119951999
  SNIA SA315B Lama19852007

List of Aircraft

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SA318C Alouette II 2005 1968HB-XCN : Helog from Nov90, Lama type; w/o 28sep92
K-MAX A94-0009 1995HB-XHJ : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0009, ff:1995; reg Kaman Aerospace as ...
407 53169 1997HB-XJX : Helog AG Jul98-Jul99
AS332C Super Puma 2002 1980HB-XNE : HELOG 1982-2000
SA315B Lama 2648 1982HB-XOS : HELOG from Oct85; w/o 22jul93 at Giswil
SA318C Alouette II 2167 HB-XPD : Helog Apr85-Apr86, ex D-HNRW, F-WIPE
407 53299 1998HB-XQY : HELOG Z├╝rich-Flughafen Mar/Aug 2002
SA315B Lama 2596 1981HB-XTD : Helog 2005 lsd, rtn
SA315B Lama 2595 1980HB-XUA : Helog 1998 lsd, rtn
AS350B1 Ecureuil 2072 1988HB-XUH : Helog Jul89-Dec91
SA330J Puma 1652 1981HB-XUV : Helog; loan Sep-Dec.1993 for ops in Gabon
AS350B2 Ecureuil 2399 1990HB-XVM : Helog Oct90-Jan93, test serial F-WYMO
AS332C Super Puma 2033 HB-XVY : HELOG 1990-2008; conv as332c1; ex N5795P
SA315B Lama 2522 1978HB-XZU : Helog sep93 to 31may07; ex JA9190
AS350B2 Ecureuil 2669 1992HB-XZY : Air Helog 1994-1995
AS332L Super Puma 2106 1983HB-ZBT : HELOG May/Aug99 with Red Cross in Albania; rtn G-BKZG

16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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